Kendall Jenner and her Ridiculous Pick me Girl Energy!

October 17

We all know the Kardashian are all health freaks are they’d want us to believe so – but Kendall Jenner, she’s such a hypochondriac!

If you've been watching The Kardashians in the last few weeks, you know that Kendall Jenner's main storyline is about how obsessed she is with health and wellness. But we couldn't quite guess how much it would cost her to keep up her wellness habit (hint: it's going to be super expensive).

Kendall Jenner

Source: Life & Style

Kendall Jenner says that health and wellness are her absolute obsessions. In fact, she says she is a "hypochondriac" and loves hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) dives because they make her feel better. Her very expensive health and wellness room has a Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber, which can cost up to $23,000.

But in recent years, Jenner has found a way to take care of her health. As the health nut of the Kardashian family, she does a wide range of self-care activities, such as cold plunges, hot yoga, talk therapy, and breathwork, to support her mental and physical health. (People who go to the popular yoga studio Y7 in Los Angeles may have seen her there.)

The supermodel was seen earlier in the season getting NAD IV therapy with her friend Hailey Beiber, who said that she is very focused on her health. Kendall's wellness room is said to have over $100,000 worth of high-tech health equipment because of this focus. Kendall Jenner shows us around her house on the season finale of The Kardashians. Then, she is seen coming out of a Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber. The camera then moves over to her $3K HyperMax Oxygen Therapy machine.

She highlights that, 'For the past couple of years, I've been just really like loving health. I don't know, it's become an obsession,' adding she is a 'major hypochondriac.' Kendall also says that all her friends, 'all make fun of me' and she also added that she has this 'whole new room in my house that has all these crazy gadgets and gizmos.'

Kendall confesses that her health obsession is 'is honestly kind of embarrassing, it's crazy,' while the cameras show another expensive "gadget," a TheraLight 360 red light therapy bed that costs $78K. She comes to the conclusion that she is so focused on health that, ironically, it might be a bad habit. The reality star talked about her health routine, saying that she spends "an hour or more" in the hyperbaric chamber. 

So for people who don’t know during hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you breathe pure oxygen in a place where the air pressure is high. This method for staying healthy has been around since the 1940s. It is a well-known way to treat decompression sickness, which was mostly used by sea divers. In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is two to three times higher than normal air pressure. Under these conditions, your lungs can take in a lot more oxygen than they could if you were breathing normal air pressure.

In the future, it would be used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, cyanide poisoning, and a number of injuries. In the past few years, celebrities like LeBron James and Justin Bieber have talked a lot about how they use the wellness trend. Today, athletes use the chambers to improve their performance and speed up the healing process. Celebrities also use them as a way to slow down the ageing process. It also has other health benefits, like giving you more energy and stamina, helping wounds heal, making your brain work better, and relieving pain.

Like Kendall, stars like Olivia Munn and Chrissy Teigen are also using red light therapy, which is a more natural way to keep wrinkles from showing. This well-known and expensive treatment is said to increase blood flow and oxygen, which speeds up the process inside cells and makes more collagen.

If you are looking to follow the Kendall wellness trean, it will cost you!