10 Of The Best Date Night Movies Streaming On Netflix - Thank Us Later

December 24

Let’s talk about the predecessor to Netflix and chill - Netflix and date.

When the idea of a good date moved on from dinner and movie to the modern dinner and Netflix, the platform had the immense responsibility of making all of those dates a success. It had to factor in every type of movie lover, cross-reference that with multiple genres, and so on and so forth. But Netflix has delivered and how!

Irrespective of the type of date you’re on, laundry-night date, lazy Sunday date, make-up date (don’t ask), or any other reason for dating something, Netflix offers a wide range of titles for you to choose from. 

Here, we have listed ten such titles that we think will wow your partner on your next date!


Naked Netflix Movie

Source: New on Netflix USA

If you are new in the relationship and want to break the ice even more, then Naked is the best choice for you. Nothing opens up a relationship like ridiculous comedy that borders on sci-fi and whatnot. The story is about a guy who is madly in love with his fiance and is about to get married. But wait - he wakes up in an elevator…completely naked…and stuck in a time-loop. So what does he have to do to get to his wedding and break the time loop? Watch as the saga unfolds and will prompt your date to talk about their most ridiculous wedding experiences. 

The Babysitter

The Babysitter Killer Queen

Source: Cryptic Rock

If you and your partner are exploring common genres that both of you will enjoy, look no further than The Babysitter. This mayhem of a movie has a devil-worship tangent with a good heart at the center of it. Cole, a pre-teen looks forward to a good time with his babysitter (who is in high school) and her friends. However, later that night, he discovers that they belong to a satan worshipping cult, and what ensues is a fiasco in its purest form with a generous dollop of dark comedy here and there. 

The Lovebirds

The LoveBirds Netflix

Source: The Live Mirror

The best movies often don’t restrict themselves to one particular flow - be it comedy, horror, or science fiction. And Lovebirds, starring comedy king Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Ray star in the action-comedy movie. The couple is on the fast track to splitsville when unforeseen circumstances pull them into a murder. In an attempt to clear their names, they work together to find the killer. If you and your partner simply want to cuddle in on an engaging comedy, this is the one for you.

Over the moon

Over the Moon 2020 Film

Source: What's New on Netflix

If you and your partner simply want an uplifting watch at the end of a tedious week, then Over The Moon might be the choice for you. The real-time equivalent to this movie would be a colorful bath bomb exploding in a bathtub of warm water, inviting you to relax and enjoy it. The animated movie is about a Chinese girl Fei Fei, who goes in search of the moon goddess after her mother passes away. The journey and the goddess teach her about moving on and is very easily one of the most wholesome movies by Netflix.

Good Burger

Good Burger Netflix Movie

Source: New on Netflix UK

If you are looking to cheer up your partner with a simple movie with a hilarious plotline and a dash of motivation, give Good Burger a watch. It is about two teenagers who start a burger joint and have to come up with ingenious ways to keep it in business when competitors from a popular fast food joint open up an outlet near theirs. Even 25 years after its release the movie gets us hooked till the very end. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

scott pilgrim vs the world movie netflix

Source: New on Netflix AUZ/NZ

If you want to give out a subliminal message to your partner that you love them and will take on the world for them but are too socially awkward to put that in words (welcome to my world), simply show them Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and let them decipher the message. The movie is about an average putz who falls for The One and has to take on seven of her exes to prove his love to her. Nothing says uplifting like a kid taking on the whole world for love!

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe

Source: Nichee Kay

If you are one of the luckiest persons on the planet, you might have the privilege of falling in love with your friend and if you are luckier still, have them fall back in love with you. Always be my maybe might seem like a simple rom-com but comes with many layers of family loss, struggles, and a deep-rooted friendship. Not to mention that the movie is extremely hilarious.

The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest

Source: IMDb

This movie is perfect for when you and your partner simply want to watch a movie that won’t make you feel hard but just think hard. It’s fun to watch and the added bonus is that it’s in Spanish. Thank god for subtitles though because you wouldn’t want to miss this movie for anything. The plot follows a man who is accused of murder and trying to prove his innocence. The movie shows multiple viewpoints and makes you wonder who is truly innocent.

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Source: What's New on Netflix

Don’t want to think and definitely don’t want to feel? Murder Mystery starring one of Hollywood’s most iconic on-screen couples - Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler - is perfect to run in the background while you and your partner simply want to talk or, ahem, finish up other “chores”. The simple movie follows a married man and a hairdresser as they work together on a billionaire’s murder on the yacht they are on.

Dolemite Is My Name 

Dolemite is my name

Source: New on Netflix UK

Netflix struck gold with this dynamite of a movie. ‘Dolamite is My name’ is the biopic of Rudy Ray Moore. The movie also stars Eddie Murphy in a pivotal role. It follows the life and work of Rudy Ray Moore and hooks us with the funny side of things while also showing us how he transformed comedy in the 70s. Watch this movie with your partner if you are looking for a serious movie with an uplifting message.

Have we covered an exhaustive list of titles that will help you take things to the next level with your partner? And what’s your go-to date night movie on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.