Casio and Renault are definitely sassier than Shakira!

January 20

Shakira recently dropped a song that had some really sassy lines but Casio and Renault turn out to be sassier than her.

Shakira recently collabed with Bizarrap in “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53” and their new song is totally rocking social media. While social media loved the song, Shakira is being praised for coming out and speaking up against her ex on the track. While talking about her ex Gerald Piqué the Colombian star might have taken a few other names and those names are talking now.

If you are thinking it’s Gerald Piqué’s new girlfriend Clara Chía Martí I am talking about then you are wrong. Shakira in the song name dropped brands like Casio and Renault. The shout-out was not exactly something these brands were looking forward to. In a nutshell, Shakira used these brand names to imply that her ex left her to be with someone of lesser status.

Shakira’s lyrics went like “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo/ You traded a Rolex for a Casio”. Renault is the manufacturer of the Twingo and the brands did not take Shakira’s lyrics kindly. Casio was the first brand to clap back at the Colombian singer. Casio’s Education Division tweeted from their verified account “Today we got quite a few notifications for a mention of CASIO in a song. CASIO watches and keyboards and calculators are for life.” The tweet had hashtags #Harder, #Better, #Faster and #Stronger. 

Renault was not far behind in responding. Renault Spain took part in the chorus to respond. They used,” A she-wolf like me is not for guys like you,” also Shakira takes a dig at Gerald Piqué’s new girlfriend saying,” She has a name of a good person/Clearly….it is not what it sounds”. Are you confused about how Shakira took a dig at her ex’s new girlfriend? Well, Clara in Spanish means clear. 

Renault tweeted “For guys and girls like you. Turn up the volume”. The tweet had the hashtags #clearly #young #agile and #mischievous but the image attached to it had me going. A picture of a red Twingo with a circle with the number 22 on the driver’s door was added to the tweet. This was Renault’s way of taking a dig at Shakira’s verse “I am worth two 22-year-olds.” Clara was 22 when Shakira and Gerald started dating and the brand put the number there just to mess with Shakira.