Did Selena Gomez fans overreact when they called out Hailey Bieber for her show?

April 20

Selena Gomez fans have called out Hailey Bieber again for copying Selena Gomez. But this time did they take it too far?

Things have been rough for Hailey Bieber in recent times and it seems like she just can’t catch a break. She has been at the receiving end of some serious criticism from Selena Gomez fans. From getting called out for throwing shade at Selena to getting labeled the “mean girl”, Hailey Bieber has gone through a lot in recent times. But unfortunately, she is still not in the clear as Selena Gomez fans have called her out again for copying Selena. This is not the first time Hailey has faced criticism based on copying Selena. Fans of the singer have called out the 26-year-old model for copying Selena’s attire, and her speeches and now she is being called out for copying Selena Gomez’s show.  

Hailey Bieber copy cooking show.

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Yes, Hailey Bieber has been attacked by Selena Gomez fans after she launched her new cooking show. Hailey Bieber has launched her new cooking show What’s in My Kitchen? The fans were quick to point out that Hailey blatantly copied Selena’s HBO Max series Selena + Chef. But Hailey doesn’t see it like that, she sees her new show as a “natural spinoff” to her YouTube interview series. 

It’s evident by the tweets sent out by Selena Gomez fans that they don’t see the new Hailey Bieber show as a natural spinoff rather they see it as a blatant copy. One user tweeted “Hailey really needs to stop copying Selena and she should focus on herself”. While another user wrote, “Every individual has a different personality and we cannot be that person even if we do the same things as the other person.” That sounds serious right! While some tweets had a very serious tone others were more quirky. My favorite one was, “ Next, she’ll announce a murder mystery comedy show co-starring Tim Allen and Jerry Seinfeld.” Funny and savage, now that tweet will leave a burn. 

It was not like Hailey Bieber was only getting attacked, she has a fanbase of her own who came to defend her. With a flurry of counter-tweets, the battle between Selena fans and Bieber fans was on. One Bieber fan was kind enough to point out that cooking segments have been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time and calling it a copy of Selena’s show was simply an “unhinged” claim. Bieber fans did not forget to mention that Cooking With The Biebers came before Selena + Chef. So, can we assume Selena stole the idea from the Biebers?

But if I give my honest opinion, Hailey Bieber got attacked just because she was Hailey Bieber. If anyone else would’ve announced a cooking segment Selena fans wouldn’t have come after them but since it was Hailey the tweets kept coming. I feel Hailey Bieber is just expanding her horizons and there’s nothing more to it. I am always happy when I see people working on personal growth and Hailey Bieber has been a source of empowerment for many just like Selena Gomez has been.

Source: OSSA