Does Kristen Bell really have 214 tattoos on her body?

August 9

For someone who does not have any tattoos Kristen Bell’s “tattoos” have become a part of her identity. Confused? Give this a read and find out the full story!

Do you still remember those images where Kristen Bell was covered in tattoos from head to toe? Can’t recall, how can you forget those images? Kristen Bell literally had tattoos on her face! Wait before you close up the article and dive into the internet to find images of tattooed Kristen Bell let me tell you one thing. Those were not real tattoos. When the images surfaced they shocked everyone as everyone adored her because of her roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bad Moms, Couples Retreat, When in Rome, and many more. And those images looked like they were from a post-apocalyptic action thriller movie.

If you thought just that then you are not very far off. The pictures were actually from an old skit Kristen Bell did with the production company “Funny or Die”. And she did the skit way back in 2012. And the skit was rather a prank on her fans where she appeared in a fake behind the scene interview where she had tattoos on almost every area of her body. And also she went on to explain how hard she works on keeping her tattoos concealed. And the only reason none of her fans have seen her tattoos is that she uses a lot of makeup to cover them up.

That video gave birth to many rumors about the actress. My favorite one was that she had a total of 214 tattoos from head to toe. A number that is specific, mixed with an extremely well-executed prank video is good enough to get anyone’s heads spinning. But does Kristen Bell have any tattoos? This question came up when the actress was invited to a Wired video and she was answering some of the most searched questions about her.

How many tattoos does kristen bell has?

Source: Vanity Fair

I guess for years the internet has been aching to know how many tattoos Kristen Bell has actually. And it was finally revealed that Kristen Bell has no tattoos. Although she did mention in the same interview she always wanted to get a tattoo. She also brought up her husband in the interview and jokingly said “ I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but my husband does not like girls with tattoos”. 

Kristen’s husband might not like girls with tattoos but he has a tattoo himself. But he has a tattoo because doesn’t like wearing jewelry. Wait, don't be confused, there is a very logical explanation for this. After getting hitched to Kristen Bell, her husband Dax got a small ring finger tattooed on his left ring finger. The small bell was meant as a replacement for the traditional wedding band. The “bell” on Dax’s left finger also has Kristen Bell’s initials along with the initials of their first 

How many tattoos Kristen bell and her husband have?

Source: Body Tattoo Art

daughter and a “D”. The story as revealed by Bell the actress, not the tattoo herself, was that their second daughter hadn’t been born yet. The “D” surely cornered the couple into naming their second daughter Delta. 

Dax might not like girls with tattoos but he surely loves wearing fake tattoos with his wife. And we all know how much Kristen Bell loves fake tattoos. The couple made quite the entrance in the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6 with matching gray tank tops that said “Stark in the streets, Wilding in the sheets”. Both of them also had tattoos on their chests that said “Ours is the fury”. Now that’s how you make an entrance, not in a three-piece suit, but all inked up with your partner in crime.

But do you think Kristen Bell has any hidden tattoos? Or are the rumors true and she has exactly 214 tattoos, comment down below?