Gordon Ramsay is a sweetheart in disguise: These moments will prove it

November 7

Gordon Ramsay is the opposite of sweetheart, or is he? Read about these 6 moments and you will know Gordon Ramsay is a sweetheart in disguise

Gordon Ramsay might just be television’s biggest loudmouth. Gordon Ramsay is infamous for his short fuse and colorful language. You can easily find clips on the internet of this celebrity chef insulting others. His insults are not your everyday insults, this short-tempered chef can get creative with his insults. If you want to know just how creative he can get with his insults just search “idiot sandwich” on Youtube and see for yourself. But on MasterChef Junior Gordon Ramsay is like a different person. MasterChef Junior showed me that deep down Gordon Ramsay is a sweetheart. He is funny, kind, and supportive of the contestants in the show. So let us have a look at some of the sweetest moments of Gordon Ramsay from MasterChef Junior. 

Gordon Ramsay praying!

Gordon Ramsay is a sweetheart

Source: Stereogum

Making souffle can be tricky. In one challenge a MasterChef Junior contestant was making souffle and it was clear that she was tense about the souffle rise. Gordon Ramsay came and cheered and the tense contestant shared his souffle ritual. Gordon said before putting in his souffle he always prays to the souffle god. So Ramsay and the contestant went on to pray, “Dear God of souffle, please make that rise and taste sumptuous and delicious.”

Source: Star Chef 2

The Karate Kid

While watching MasterChef Junior sometimes it feels like Gordon Ramsay is the youngest one on the set. Don’t believe me? One incident might change your opinion. One contestant was rocking a cool Japanese headband and Gordon Ramsay went to him and asked if he could wear it. After wearing the headband he asked the contestant if he looked like the karate kid. He did not stop there he went on to make some “karate” noises. I swear I broke into laughter. It was the funniest thing that I saw on MasterChef Junior.

No meltdowns on my watch!

Gordon Ramsay is a sweetheart

Source: TV Insider

As we said before it is really easy to get tense and make mistakes in the heat of the competition. One contestant who could not handle the pressure started having a meltdown. She was all over the place and couldn’t figure out what to do. Gordon Ramsay being the sweetheart came to the rescue and started helping her. “Don’t you worry, my darling? Let’s start again. Now, let’s get this going. We can do this, okay? We’ve still got time”, he said as he was helping out the contestant. His jumping in to help the young cook really calmed her down and helped her to finish her dish on time. 

Buddy The Elf

Gordon Ramsay being sweetheart

Source: Twitter

Gordon Ramsay is a serious guy and in his previous shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, we rarely saw the funny side of Gordon Ramsay. But in MasterChef Junior, he shocked everyone and certainly blew my mind. In the holiday special episode Gordon Ramsay dressed up as Buddy The Elf and got everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. Of all the people I never would have thought Gordon Ramsay would agree to dress up as an elf.

Get your head up!

At the end of the day, Gordon Ramsay is the judge of MasterChef Junior and he is there to critique the dishes prepared by the contestants. And if you have seen the show then you know, you cannot cook a masterpiece every episode. In one such episode, one contestant prepared a below-average dish and presented it to Gordon Ramsay. And Gordon Ramsay being Gordon Ramsay was honest about the dish and the participant broke into tears. Gordon consoled the little man saying “Come on here. I don’t want you to get upset. Come on, get your head up.” That was really sweet of Gordon Ramsay.

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