Gordon Ramsay is "turning vegan" - Is it even true?

August 2

After years of bashing vegans and vegetarians, Gordon Ramsay claims he is turning vegan. What made him turn a new leaf?

After 2020 I thought I was ready for anything, no news can surprise me anymore. That is until someone told me Gordon Ramsay was going vegan. Using Gordon Ramsay and vegan in the same sentence sounds weird to me. But are these just rumors or is there any truth behind them? For years we have seen Gordon Ramsay criticize meat-less meals but how did the tides change?

This was not the first vegan stunt Gordon has pulled on his social media. Back in 2021, Gordon declared to the whole world that he is quitting animal meat. In the video where he went on to make vegan steak dinner he started by saying “ After three decades of cooking, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of hours behind the stove, I’m turning vegan.” But it was later revealed Gordon turned vegan only for that meal.

Gordon Ramsay turning vegan?

Source: Euronews

But once a hardcore meat-eater Gordon Ramsay has surely turned a new leaf. In recent times we have seen him create and try out many vegan recipes. And this came as a shock to many of his fans. I mean we are talking about the same guy who once said his worst nightmare would be if his kids ever went vegetarian. So it came as a shock to many when the same guy made a statement saying his kids were the ones who inspired him to eat more vegetarian meals.

I love this new side of him and some of his vegan recipes are my absolute favorite. But two of his recipes stand out the most.

Gordon Ramsay’s not exactly steak dinner

Gordon Ramsay's vegan steak recipe

Source: Gordon Ramsay

We have seen many steak recipes from Gordon Ramsay, and his beef wellington is infamous. But a vegan steak dinner was not something I was expecting but I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. The star of his steak dinner was an eggplant steak with a charred vegetable demi-glace, wine-glazed mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. I doubt it will taste like an actual steak but it did look very tasty. The recipe also blew up among vegan content creators, many of whom tried the recipe themselves and said the dish is tastier than it looks. 

Everyone deserves bacon

Gordon Ramsay's vegan bacon

Source: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon also blew everyone’s minds when he set out to make a vegan BLT sandwich. I was more than intrigued to see what he used to make the bacon. If you don’t have any guesses then I’ll tell you he used rice paper. He cut the rice paper into two bacon shapes. He coated the rice papers in sauce and placed marinated crumbled tofu between them and baked it. And voila your vegan bacon is ready. 

For his sandwich, he put vegan basil aioli on two toasted pieces of bread. Some lettuce, tomato slices, and avocado along with his vegan bacon. Your vegan BLT sandwich is ready to be served.

So what do you think about Gordon’s vegan side? Comment down below.