Grammys 2022 Fashion Police is patrolling for 6 Best and Worst Dressed Pop Stars

April 20

They say style is 90% confidence and 10% fashion, and these pop stars are proving it right.

Couture fashion experiments are a part of a celeb’s job, and fashion policing is a part of ours. Let us crack down on the best and worst looks celebs dared to put on for the most glamorous night of the music industry - Grammy’s 2022.

Lil Nas X in Balmain (Best dressed)

Lil Nax in Balmain in grammys 2022


Lil Nas X went with a tried and tested classic all-white suit that had a very Elvis Presley aesthetic – it checked all the boxes with an ornate look and high-collared custom-made Balmain suit. The suit was bejeweled with rhinestone details and silver pearls throughout the suit. To take it up a notch, the suit was embroidered with butterflies embellishments and the diva paired it with chunky boots to give him a few extra inches.

Dua Lipa in Versace (Best dressed)

Dua Lipa in Versace grammys 2022

Source: Allure

Dua Lipa paid homage to Donatella Versace from her 1990s era with an all-black bondage gown, with harness detailing as an icing to the cake. The look is straight out of 1992’s ready-to-wear collection. Dua Lipa brought out the fashionista in her by pairing it with golden jewelry that had a Medusa vibe to it and went platinum blonde like Versace herself. Taylor Swift was right, 90s trends are coming back stronger than ever.

BTS in Louis Vuitton (Best dressed)

BTS in Louis Vuitton (Best dressed) in grammys 2022

Source: WWD

The most desired boy band suited up in a luxurious and most non-boring Louis Vuitton attire. They looked like a color palette out of a designer’s mood board with hues of brown, beige, white, blue, and even lavender. How cute is this bunch? Members V and RM rocked a brown suit over a lilac shirt and matching black shoes, J-Hope and Suga were glowing in white, Jungkook and Jimin went for dark blue.

Justin Bieber in Balenciaga (Worst dressed)

Justin Bieber in Balenciaga Worst dressed for grammys 2022

Source: NY Daily news

We understand high-end fashion is supposed to look unique and out-of-reach, but Balenciaga just gets more and more unrelatable by the day by dressing up its subjects in the most unflattering attire. We understand comfort and oversized clothing, but it’s the Grammy’s we’re talking about and it deserves a bit more an effort. But hey, maybe he knew he’s not taking home any Grammy, and wanted to make a point in return for the snub.

Tayla Parx in BCalla (Worst dressed)

Maybe Tayla Parx was fulfilling her Met Gala dream in the Grammys or she just really likes Halloween or costume parties. There’s literally no other explanation for wearing a green cartoon dinosaur costume to the Grammys... Oh wait, there is one. Clout!

Victoria Evigan in Unidentified Brand (Worst dressed)

Imagine a low-budget Cinderella show where the producers went out of their way to make the step-sisters look stupid at the ball and put them in the most ridiculous gown only to enhance the characters’ role of irrelevant step-sisters… that’s the gown Victoria Evigan chose for Grammy’s night.