Top 5 crazy Spring Break stories that spiraled out of control

March 28

It’s Springtime, let’s rock this baby – said every teenager on this list!

Time to dab some sunscreen and pull out your flip-flops sitting around for the better half of last year. Yes, 2022 is going to debut a springtime without the dark cloud of covid hovering over all of us for the first time in the last two years. If you’ve forgotten just how crazy Springtime can actually be, here’s your reminder. Real stories from real people.

Never mix red wine, tequila, and a NOSE JOB

funny drunk stories

Source: The Independent

Yet again proving our theory that college does not teach teenagers the life skills they need to survive, our first writer narrates the story of that one time when she mixed red wine with tequila. This girl got way too drunk and met a girl she had not seen in ages, apparently, that girl had got a nose job and looked very different from her previous self. Now, what does a hammered girl who sees this for the first do? Go and try to get a nose job for herself like in the movie, Hangover? Nope. This is reality – she pukes all over that nose-jobbed friend. 

The Hangover, only on a lower budget

Sunburn remedies

Source: Today.Com

At a friend’s 21st birthday (ah, 21st birthdays are always a little too legally crazy), Blaine remembers downing three shots back to back and the next thing he knows – he wakes up to harsh sunlight hitting his face while he lies half-naked on the terrace of a 6 storeyed building that is two buildings down the original bar he was in. He started walking back home to realize he had only one shoe on. Nobody knows anything about the disappearance of his beloved shoe or how he ended up where he did. 

Dolphins are cute…. But, are they?

Are Dolphins Dangerous?

Source: Cosmopolitan

A guy aged 22 recalls swimming in Mexico holding on to the fin of a dolphin. The dolphin was feeling pretty naughty and decided to go for a sudden jolt causing the guy to slip out of his swimming shorts. Not a very bright day to go commando, huh jock? Well, the dolphin was probably in the mood for some skinny dipping.

Hot, Hot Tub

Hot Tub Fails

Source: SPA 911

While the other teenagers on this list are going rogue giving others a traumatic experience, our Matthew here had one himself – while at his grandparents’ house. Being a studious University of Michigan student, Matthew decided to spend his spring break at his grandparent's place where he was hoping to bond with his buddy Jason. His grandparents were sweet and would head to bed early giving the boys the much-needed freedom ­– except for one day when Jason and Matthew decide to hang out in the hot tub only to find his grandparents in it already – naked!

Doom Day in Vegas

Las Vegas Trip Failure

Source: Wallpaper Flare

Emerson college student Cassidy had her phone stolen on her first day of spring break in Vegas after which she decided to tightly secure her bag to her shoulder. Guess lucky really was not on her side on this spring break, because after a while, Cassidy started to feel that her purse weighed nothing. When she did check, her money, credit card, ID, and everything was gone. Luckily, she was able to block the credit card but the thief had already treated himself a meal in Olive Garden and spent 200 USD in Walgreens.