Why is TikTok's viral Pink Sauce buzzing for all the wrong reasons?

August 3

The Pink Sauce is TikTok’s new viral sensation and the internet is buzzing about it for all the wrong reasons. Do you know what’s up with the situation?

The Pink Sauce fever is all over TikTok and not for the right reasons. But before diving into what’s going on with Pink Sauce let's ask you, do you even know what pink sauce is? TikTok trends change rapidly. It just feels like yesterday when everyone was buying fresh and canned produce for their version of Cowboy Caviar and out of nowhere, it’s all about Pink Sauce now. Unlike Cowboy Caviar, the Pink Sauce does not have a deceiving name. It is exactly what the name suggests it is, a sauce that is pink in color.

is TikTok's viral Pink Sauce safe?

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The Pink Sauce took over the internet after it was first introduced by the creator of the sauce herself. Chef Pii is a Miami-based chef and food entrepreneur who was first seen dipping a chicken tender in the Pink Sauce and TikTok went nuts. Visually I can’t say it didn’t entice me but If you are anything like me you like to know what you are putting in your body.

What’s in this dazzling condiment?

What are the ingredients of TikTok's Pink Sauce?

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According to Chef Pii and the Pink Sauce website, the sauce has sunflower seed oil, garlic, chili, Himalayan pink sea salt, milk, citric acid, and less than 2% of lemon juice. Chef Pii also claims she does not use any artificial food coloring rather she uses Dragon Fruit as a natural food color. 

The consistency is another thing I noted. When I first saw images of the Pink Sauce it looked very silky and creamy but videos reveal a whole different story itself. The sauce looked a bit runny but the consistency of the sauce is not what got everyone online raving about the sauce.

What’s all the buzz about?

TikTok's Pink sauce stirr up controversy

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The ingredients sound alright but the buzz is about the inconsistencies in the pink color itself. And the fact that the manufacturing process is still a mystery to the masses all added to the not-so-friendly buzz. When originally posted on TikTok the sauce had a dark pink color but as days went by the sauce had a lighter shade of pink with each new video. Now the sauce is less of a “Pink Sauce” and more of a “Salmon colored Sauce” with seasonings picked out. 

But the ever-changing color issue did not go unaddressed. Chef Pii addressed the issue saying the different lighting conditions are what caused the color to look different. But unfortunately, this didn't put people at ease. Another speculation revolving around the sauce is the food coloring itself. While it is advertised that the Pink Sauce uses Dragon Fruit as a natural food color, many believe an artificial coloring is being added that is not on the ingredient list.

Proofread the label jeez!

Chef Pii’s misfortune did not end only with netizens speculating. She also got into the hot waters of some errors in the nutrition label. Apart from some misspellings, the sauce label boasted 444 servings in one bottle of sauce. Also nowhere on the label, it is mentioned the sauce needs to be refrigerated. But it all took a turn for the worse when Chef Pii came on a live stream. When did the viewers ask her if the Pink Sauce was FDA approved? She responded to the question by saying “pink sauce is not a medical product”. And the statement left everyone with only one question: is this sauce even fit for consumption?

Is Pink Sauce safe for you?

Is TikTok's viral Pink sauce safe for me?

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Let’s be honest, a sauce costs $20 a bottle ain't cheap. So consumers did have high expectations from the sauce. But a lot of questions rose as many got a sauce that was smelling rancid. Few of the netizens pointed out a particular ingredient in the sauce, milk. As there was no refrigeration done while delivery might be the reason the sauce got spoiled. 

The nutrition label was taken down from the Pink Sauce website on August 1. But you will find a message from Chef Pii claiming she and her team are working hard to ensure the safety of the consumers while abiding by all food safety standards. She also added her goal is to provide all consumers of the sauce with a clear nutrition label.

While we still have to see what is the outcome of Chef Pii’s ongoing efforts, taking into account the changing colors, wrong label, and mysterious ingredients I surely would give it a long thought before ordering myself a bottle of TikTok’s finest.

Would you try out TikTok's new viral sensation? Or if you already have tried it out comment down below how’s the sauce?