5 Serendipitous Recipes prepared by Selena Gomez in “Selena + Chef” of HBO Max

December 9

Get cooking lessons from actor turned singer turned makeup mogul turned chef, Selena Gomez.

You must be living under a rock if you’ve not heard of the sensational cooking fiasco that’s called Selena + Chef airing on HBO Max. From cutting her finger, setting the oven on fire, to manhandling live lobsters… the actor turned singer turned chef, Selena Gomez has tried it all, so we don’t have to. How did they manage to do a reality show during a global lockdown? On Zoom, silly. In each episode, Selena connects with a different gourmet chef from around the world who walks her through the outlandish struggles of prepping their signature dishes. 

While half the world is smitten by Selena’s effortlessly adorable antics and clumsiness in her own kitchen, the other half is amused to get a front-row seat to watch the finest chefs reveal the secrets of their signature dishes. We have made a list of top recipes that you can try your hand at, and the ones you’re better off ordering in. 

Daniel’s Chicken Meatballs + Gnocchi

Daniels Chicken Meatballs + Gnocchi Recipe

Source: HelloFresh

Season: 1

Episode: 9

This is a perfect dish to prepare while drinking, the alcohol that goes into the dish naturally goes into the belly of the cook. Daniel Holzman gives a step-by-step tutorial to Selena on how to prepare the most delicious meatballs with zesty and yummy gnocchi. Selena prepares both the meatballs and gnocchi from scratch, but you cook this heavenly delight sans the trouble of making gnocchi by just grabbing a few from the store instead. 

Watch the episode here.

Nana’s Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Chip Casserole 

Nana’s Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Chip Casserole Easy Recipe

Source: Food Network

If you’re a selenator, you’ll know that Selena’s tight with her adorable grandparents who have done quite a few cameos in the show. This special episode stars none other than Selena’s very own nana as the chef and follows his invention of Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Chip, a great addition to your comfort food list. You see, not all chefs on the show have 5-stars restaurants or adorn a couple of Michelin Stars. The dish is simple, easy-going, and just fun to make… and can any day replace popcorn for some movie time. To top it off, watching the grand daughter-father duo just hits all the right spot.

Watch the episode here

Ludo’s French Omelette 

Ludo French Omelette Recipe

Source: My Pope: Philippines

Season: 1

Episode: 1

Chef Ludo Lebevre is going to change the way you look at omelette, recognized otherwise as a common lousy breakfast option. Selena slayed the first episode by promptly following the chef’s instructions and whipping up a thick and fluffy French omelette that apparently makes Ludo’s customer shed tears of happiness. The special ingredients of the recipe are Boursin cheese and chives ­– agreed, they’re not the most accessible ingredients but it’s gonna be so worth it, trust me.

So, when life throws eggs at you, don’t just make an omelette, make a Ludo-style French omelette, monsieur. 

Watch the episode here.

Curli’s Salt and Vinegar Chips

Homemade Salt and Vinegar Chips Recipe

Source: Today.com

Season: 2

Episode: 1

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Making your own CHIPS is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s something you have with your tea. But Chef Curtis is here to change your mind about it, all with a happy and positive attitude and some of the best teaching skills on television. The recipe ideally takes 10 mins to make and 30 minutes in the oven. A little pro tip to everyone headed to prepare this: don’t cut the potato slices as thin as Selena did, as it will get way too crunchy and brown for your liking. But if you’ve got a bestie like Raquelle who’ll eat it anyway, then go ahead.

Watch the episode here

Antonia Lofaso and Tostada

Antonia Lofaso and Tostada Recipe

Source: Food Network

Season: 1

Episode: 2

This one’s probably the most graphic episode of all, for starters you got to cut the octopus’s head right off its body, which can get quite squishy and squeamish. Celebrity chef Antonio Lofaso makes a ceviche of various seafood ingredients like calamari, octopus, shrimp with a twist of tortilla chips. It’s a perfect blend of salty, tangy, zesty, and fresh. Your taste buds will do a literal dance savoring this delight.

Watch the episode here

So, that’s a wrap for the top 5 must-try recipes from Selena + Chef. In all honesty, this show is a perfect blend of humor and culinary information and ticks off all the boxes for the next-gen, zoom-hosted, pandemic proof reality show. Ahead of its time if you ask me. 

So, all the selenators, assemble down in the comments and name your favorite moment from the show. And if you’re not a fan of the show, name your favorite song of Selena. If you’re not a fan of her music, name your favorite product from her makeup line. Ah, the list goes, but you get the point – All hail our multi-talented powerful queen biatch Miss. Selena Marie Gomez.