Best DIY hummingbird nectar recipe that will have your backyard chirping

July 25

Fill up your backyard with a charm of hummingbirds with this simple homemade hummingbird nectar recipe.

Do you still remember Spencer Pratt’s deck filled with hundreds of vibrant hummingbirds buzzing around the feeders? Now that is a sight no one can forget. But just hanging up feeders will not be enough. You need to fill them up with refreshing homemade Hummingbird nectar. And you need to have enough nectar for them. They might appear small but hummingbirds follow a very strict exercise routine. I’m just kidding but to keep their momentum they can flap their wings up to 90 beats per second. Talk about burning calories right! You will be amazed to know these tiny birds visit 2000 flowers every day to keep their energy up.

You must be thinking how can you make their favorite treat at home after all they love nectar from flowers right? But you will be surprised to know you can make delicious hummingbird nectar right at home with just two simple ingredients. Refined white sugar and a cup of boiling water, that’s it! Yeah just take 1/4th cup of refined white sugar and dissolve it into a cup of boiling water and it’s ready. Well, you have to cool it down before filling up your feeders. And just like that, you made hummingbird nectar with just two simple and “very specific” ingredients.

Why are the ingredients very specific?

Firstly you must be wondering why you need to boil the water? The answer is simple, boiling will sterilize the water and take out any impurities from the water. And an added advantage of boiling will make sure your hummingbird nectar lasts longer. 

Coming to the second ingredient, refined white sugar. You might be tempted to use honey, brown sugar, powdered sugar, or any other sweetener. Don’t! You’ll be putting those pretty little birdies in more trouble. Hummingbirds have a very high metabolism and so they eat a lot. Now overconsumption of any other sweetener than refined white sugar can lead to excessive iron build-up in their tiny system, which can be toxic for them. But refined white sugar does not have any iron in them which is safer for the hummingbirds. 

Did I forget the red dye?

Simple homemade hummingbird nectar recipe

Source: All About Birds

The hummingbird nectar sold in stores has a beautiful bright color right! But the red dye is not needed to make the nectar and it can be harmful to your tiny little friends. Hummingbirds love the bright red color that’s why they will be more attracted to the nectar. But you can easily attract the charm of hummingbirds. Just pick the right feeder.

The feeder can make all the difference!

simple DIY hummingbird nectar recipe

Source: Green Matters

First and foremost your feeder should be a sturdy one. Make sure your feeder is vibrant in color and has a lot of red in it and it should be easy to clean. I personally love the flying saucer-shaped feeders. If you have used these types of feeders before then you know these are extremely easy to clean and refill. But if you are just starting then you cannot go wrong with a plastic feeder. They are very easy to clean and most of them come with a built-in ant moat. So your life becomes a lot easier.

Don’t forget to clean your feeder

Cleaning your feeder regularly is very important or you will see mold growing in your feeder which can harm your little friends. But never use soap to clean your feeder as the chemicals of the soap can leave behind residues which can alter the taste of your nectar or worse your little friends could react to them. 

Always use only hot water to clean your hummingbird feeder and if you want a deeper clean just use vinegar. Mix vinegar with two parts of water and soak your feeder for a couple of hours and your feeder is disinfected. 

Watching these little beauties in your garden can be a serene experience. While they snack on their favorite treat, maybe you can grab your favorite snack and just enjoy nature. I grab a bowl of blueberries. But while setting up my first set of feeders one of the mistakes I made was I put them in the corner of the garden where my dogs usually play around. So always make sure you put up your feeder in a quiet and calm place so the pretty little hummingbirds do not get spooked and they can enjoy your homemade hummingbird nectar in peace.

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