5 reasons that will compel you to play mobile games in the office

September 30

Want to know a fact that your manager might disagree with? Playing mobile games in the office can be beneficial for you.

It’s Thursday afternoon, you are mid-way through your work and you got stuck. We have been working hard all week long and exhaustion has finally caught up to you. It happens to the best of us but we have to finish our work. But what can you do? You are just in a rut, maybe a cup of coffee can help or maybe you just need some fresh air. But what if I told you all you need to do is play mobile games?

It might sound like I am just messing with you but this is no joke. I am pretty sure a lot of you are parents and most parents have the notion mobile games make you unproductive. The notion may come from seeing your child play video games for long hours while avoiding his “life in the real world”. You might be correct that spending too much time playing mobile games can make you unproductive. But studies show that taking short breaks throughout the day can help in productivity. Now during those breaks, you can have a quick gaming session on your mobile device which will enhance your productivity.

Play mobile games in office

Source: DeskTime

So you might be wondering apart from unwinding how playing mobile games helps you enhance your productivity. So let me tell you all the ways mobile games can help you in the office. 

Recharges you

Let us start with the obvious, recharging yourself in between long working hours is very important. If you keep working long hours without breaks your mind will get tired and you will have problems focusing which may result in you not finishing your work. Taking a small gaming break will recharge you and help you focus on your goals.

Become a problem solver  

Like most video games, mobile games encourage their players to solve different problems innovatively, and if you are into puzzle games then you will come across many brain teasers. Playing mobile games will help you think critically and it will help you come up with innovative solutions for any problems that might arise in your workplace.

Play mobile games at office

Source: TechRepublic

Be more creative

Apart from recharging your mind and making “the” problem solver in your office, mobile games will also bring out the creative side in you. Choose the right game and it will provide new stimuli that will get your wheels turning. With each level you cross in the game you will keep finding new and creative ways of solving problems in your workplace. 

Do it for the team

Mobile games can also be great for boosting team morale. In today’s day and age, there are a plethora of online games and you will find an online game for almost every genre. Just pick the game that suits your team’s personality the best and play together when you are having a small break. Playing together to achieve an objective in a game can transfer to any projects your team is working on. One thing you will definitely notice is once you start playing your favorite mobile games with your team it will drastically change your brainstorming sessions. 

Say no to stress!

You are more productive when you are relaxed; there is no argument for that. This is one of the main reasons you should take small breaks to play your favorite mobile game on those stressful days. If I speak from personal experience gaming has always helped me a lot with stress and if you are struggling with stress at work you can surely try mobile games.

So What do you think will you be gaming on your breaks now? Comment down below!