7 mobile games that will help in your child's cognitive development

August 5

Did you know there are mobile games that can help your child with cognitive development? Don’t believe me then check out my list!

Video games have had a bad reputation among many experts for years. It is a common belief that exposure to video games might cause your child to develop violent behavior, and media addiction and may also be a barrier to cognitive development. But there are also many educational video games out there. But there is one stereotype that surrounds educational video games: they are “boring”. Well, I’m here to tell you this is just a stereotype. So check out my list of mobile games that will help your child learn and stimulate their brain in a fun and playful way.


Mobile games that will make your child smarter

Source: Sudoku

This iconic hit is great for all ages. If you don’t know about Sudoku (which I might find unbelievable), it is a game of numbers. You will have a grid in which some tiles will be filled with a particular number and a few will be empty. All you have to do is fill in the missing numbers. Simple right? Only there’s a catch: you cannot repeat the same number in the same row or column. While this game may look very simple, this game will help your child to think ahead and strategize better. This classic is a must-play for all children.

Unexpected Math

7 fun mobile games that will make your kids smarter

Source: Mobile Games

Math can be fun! No, I'm not being sarcastic. Unexpected Math is achieved just that with its interactive world that features several math-related games. This game is ideal for children between 3-7 years. This game can help your child improve their learning skills. This mobile game will also introduce fundamental math ideas in a very fun way with a variety of fun mini-games. This game can also help improve your child’s reasoning. You can get this app for both android and iOS devices.

Blue Block

7 fun mobile games that will make your kids smarter

Source: Mob.org

Blue Block is a very interesting game that will surely interest your child while making sure they learn to use logic and awareness in every situation to come up with solutions. But why would your child find this game interesting you ask? Simple the goal of the game is to free a mystical blue dragon who is trapped. Your child will rearrange the blocks to free their dragon friend. This mobile game is a perfect combination of fun and challenge that can stimulate your child’s mind and help in cognitive development.

EpicMem-Brain Training

7 fun mobile games that will make your kids smarter

Source: AppAdvice

The next game on my list is developed by a neuroscientist. The aim of this game is to maintain neuroplasticity. The creator’s goal is to provide a fun mental workout that would be beneficial for kids of all ages. But this game is available only on iOS devices. If you just want to try the game out you can get a free version of EpicMem-Brain training but you can only access the full package through a subscription.

Simply Smarter Kids

7 fun mobile games that will make your kids smarter

Source: Lifehack

Simply Smarter Kids is a mobile game with the sole purpose of developing and improving your child’s short-term and long-term memory. How would they achieve this you ask? The game uses audiovisual cues and your child needs to remember the exact sequence and recreate it. Now doesn’t that sound fun also, and a bonus of getting this game for your child? You don’t need to supervise them while they are playing this game, yes this game requires zero parental supervision.

LogicLike: Brain Teaser Games

7 fun mobile games that will make your kids smarter

Source: logiclike.com

Riddles and brain teasers are a great way to stimulate a child’s mind. LogicLike features more than 2500 puzzles, riddles, memory training games, brainteasers, and a lot more. This mobile game even has fun math problems one can solve. And this game is not just for your child, it's perfect for every age. Just set the game to your desired difficulty and you are good to go. The game also features a leaderboard so you can compete with other players and compare scores. LogicLike is a great mobile game that will help your child get smarter while having fun. And you can get this app on both Android and iOS devices. So if you still haven’t checked out this game you really should.


7 fun mobile games that will make your kids smarter

Source: AppAdvice

SumW0rdZ is a great game for your children if you want them to improve their vocabulary, math, and general knowledge with a single mobile game. This game is perfect for children of ages 9 and above. This game comes with three difficulty levels so you can adjust accordingly. This game is very interactive and really fun so children can keep on learning while having fun in their leisure time.