Are you a Cooking Game fan? Then These Games are for you!

July 6

If you are a fan of cooking games then you should try these 5 amazing games.

Food might just be one of the only things that have penetrated every aspect of our lives. From necessity to sipping into every genre of entertainment. Whether you are scrolling on Instagram, watching TikToks, or binge-watching Netflix, food is everywhere. But have you played these awesome cooking games?

Yup! If you love mobile games then you should try these amazing cooking games this summer.

Snow Cone Maker - Summer Fun

soda making game

Source: Google Play

Summer is here and it's getting hot! What better is summer than something icy? Nothing hits the spot in summer than something frozen. Yes, a snow cone is just the thing in summer. And if you have a sweet tooth and love snow cones there is no doubt you will love the Snow Cone Maker. With Snow Cone Maker you can make the most colorful and delicious snow cone that will make everyone drool. 

Unicorn Popcorn Maker - Crazy Popcorn Popper

popcorn making games

Source: Google Play

You will just love this colorful and vibrant popcorn-making game. Unicorn Popcorn Maker - Crazy Popcorn Popper will give you the chance to become a superstar food stylist in the cooking world. Popcorn is not just a movie snack anymore, in this popcorn maker game you can make sweet popcorn or make rainbow-colored popcorn. Doesn’t that sound interesting? If you have never tried a popcorn-making game before or a cooking game for that matter this is a great game to start with!

Zombie Cafe

Zombie cooking games

Source: GamesRader

Zombies are taking over the world! Well, world cooking games at least! There have been several fun mobile zombie cooking games over the years but one that has always intrigued me was Zombie cafe. You own and run this unique cafe. What’s so unique about this cafe you ask? Well, all your employees are zombies! In this zombie cooking game, you need to cook different dishes and serve them to your customers to gain experience. Sounds simple enough but this is not your run-of-the-mill cooking game this after all is a “zombie cooking game”. If your energy level drops too low your zombie employees will start attacking your customers and your cafe rating will fall.

So be careful and do not overwork the zombies. In this mobile cooking game, you can make 9 different variations of dishes starting from Quick, Very Quick, Spicy, Very Spicy, Fancy, Very Fancy, Fresh, Bulk, and Frozen. You can also take your friend’s help to unlock new dishes. Every unique dish you unlock will give you a chance to earn more and get your cafe rating higher. But do you guys know any other fun zombie cooking games? Why don’t you comment down below!

Soda Cola Maker

soda making games

Source: AppAdvice

KSI and Logan Paul might have jumped into the beverage game with Prime but you have the chance to make something more remarkable with the next simulation game. I loved this soda-making game and made a lot of new friends playing this game too. I always wanted to try mixing different flavors and making something out of this world. If you always wanted to do the same, then this game would be right up your alley. You can make many carbonated juices or slushies with ingredients like Mango, Apple, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Grapes, and many more. Select the flavor of your dreams and garnish with tons of toppings. Now doesn’t it sound intriguing? So would you play this soda-making game?

Star Chef 2

Star Chef 2 cooking game simulation

If you love playing cooking games there is one game you cannot pass up and that is Star Chef 2. It is your chance to rule the culinary world and build your empire. Start with just a humble soup station and work your way up to the top. Master over 200 dishes, manage your products and expand your restaurant. A fun cooking game for all ages. 

Comment down below which is your favorite cooking game?