11 Signs That Prove You Mean The World To Your Toddler

February 4
baby love

Parenting a toddler comes with its challenges but also so many rewards.

If you are already a parent, then you know that your baby quickly becomes your first priority in life. The realization that you are their everything and responsible for that tiny little human being can become overwhelming. And as soon as you accept that responsibility, babies and toddlers can be extremely fun too. They are amazing to play with and will definitely give you 100% of all the love their teeny tiny heart can hold. 

Here are 11 signs that your toddler loves you to the moon and back.

Gazing at You Lovingly

When their eyes gaze into your eyes while in your arms, it's their way of seeking comfort and love and their desire to learn more about you. Babies will try to imitate your facial expressions; to see if they will, put out your tongue as the baby is looking at you. So, the next time you find your kid looking at you, allow them to drink you in.

They Shower You with Smooches (A Lot)

Babies begin offering kisses at the age of one year, and they are unlikely to be chaste pecks. Prepare yourself for sloppy, wet ones to land on whatever area of your body is closest. This eagerness indicates that they've been watching how Mom expresses affection and want to emulate her. When it comes to physical affection, babies are fast learners, and there's no one better to practice on than Mom and Dad.

They Ask to be Constantly Picked-up

Many newborns enjoy being held right away, but it takes around 6 months for them to develop the physical and cognitive skills to request a pick-me-up. It's a physical manifestation of how much they've grown to love and trust their parents. And it can be enough to make your heart skip a beat, especially on one of those long and stressful days.

They Constantly Imitate You

Whoever claimed that imitation is the purest form of flattery must have had a baby or toddler in their life. They're clearly demonstrating how cool they think you are, whether they're dragging a briefcase down the stairs or swooning over a baby doll. Little ones, like all individuals—adults included—imitate the actions and behaviors of the people they care about the most.

They Turn to You for Comfort When They are Hurt

The fact that your child seeks comfort from you—and then dries their eyes and flees away—indicates that they adore and rely on you. Of course, you may have noticed that even tiny mishaps can result in a lot of drama when a parent is there. And yes, there's a request for attention there, but having confirmation that you love them as much as they love you makes your kid feel much better.

You’re the Only Recipient of Bad Behavior

Toddlers love to push boundaries, but they do it more often with individuals they love and trust. This isn't the warmest and most fuzzy way for your child to express their love for you, but it's precisely what they're doing. So, the next time your toddler is screaming or thrashing things you can rest assured that they are only doing it out of love—even if it doesn't seem that way.

They Can’t Stay Away From You (Even If Only for An Hour)

When most babies are dropped off at daycare or left with a babysitter between the ages of 9 months and one year, they begin to scream (even if the babysitter is Grandma). While it's difficult to hear your baby cry, remember that those tears are a symbol of love. Although toddlers know you love them, for a brief moment, they may be concerned that you might never return. (Try not to feel guilty about it—they will eventually learn that you always return.) And right now, those sobs represent your significance in their lives. 

All the Babbling

In about 3 months' time babies attempt to talk to the ones they love. It won't be the same kind of conversation you have with your friends, but it'll be just as enjoyable. Those coos are usually just breathy vowel sounds that don't sound like words at all—but if you make the same noises back at baby, the two of you might just start a "conversation."It's just another method for your baby to demonstrate how much they love you by interacting vocally with you and developing their speaking skills by listening to you and replicating your phrases.

They are Bouncy and Cheery Around You

For your baby, you are the nicest people on the globe, and they light up the minute you enter the room. Although they may be calm in your closest friend's arms, you are the only one who makes them their happiest when they see them. To put it simply here's more indication that your baby adores you. Babies may like other people, but no one is more important to them than their parents, as evidenced by their gaze.

Those Cute Baby Giggles

You have to agree that one of your favorite sounds is certainly the sound of your baby's giggle in response to something you just did. Other people, of course, can make a baby laugh. However, no one knows them as well as you do. You know how much your baby enjoys having his or her tummy tickled, or how blowing in their face generates a burst of laughing. Babies will eventually find out that you know what they like and may even start laughing in anticipation of your touch or antics. Now that’s a connection you can’t ignore!

Melting in Your Arms

Parents have the superpower to soothe babies instantly. While you may not always be able to tell that the baby wants to hear, smell, and see you, you can definitely feel how relaxed they are in your arms. Take it as a sincere compliment! However, If your baby is a little fussy in your arms, it doesn't mean they don't like you; it just means you haven't worked out what they need or desire yet. Allow yourself some time. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what soothes your infant. You'll get it perfect in the end, and believe it or not, they appreciate your efforts.

Just writing this has made me crave some mommy-time. What was one of the first things your baby did to show you they loved you? Let us know in the comments below.