Are Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston friends despite both dating Brad Pitt?

November 25

Is Christina Applegate still friends with Jennifer Aniston? Well, both the ladies dated Brad Pitt and is this the reason both of them are not friends.

In Hollywood there are friends, there are rivals and then there are “are they friends?”. One such question comes to my mind when I think about Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston. Now if you are a fan of the show “Friends” then you definitely know Rachel Green and her self-absorbed sister Amy Green. Christina Applegate played the character of Amy in the ninth and tenth seasons of the sitcom. And if you think it's only me who thinks Christina Applegate’s character in the show was self-absorbed then you need to hear what the actress herself has to say about her character Amy Green. While describing her character the Emmy award-winning actress said “There are people who really are self-unaware, and they have absolutely no filter”. 

Christina Applegate

Source: Twitter

But did you catch the irony in the last line you read? If not then let me help you with it, Christina Applegate won an Emmy for her “Friends” character Amy Green in 2003. Self-absorbed or not, Amy has given us some funny moments. My favorite was when Amy found out that she would not be getting custody of baby Emma after the event of Ross and Rachel’s untimely demise. It was so funny to watch Amy take offense and the fight between the siblings was just sublime. Writers really did a great job in putting in little quirks here and there that really put her character on notice. Christina herself pointed out one such incident in the show that she absolutely found hilarious. 

When Amy met Phoebe for the first time, she kept saying her name wrong. When Lisa Kudrow corrected Christina's character by saying ‘Phoebe’, Christina replied by saying ‘Why does she keep making that noise?’ For me that scene established what kind of character Amy was and also agreeing with Christina, that scene was very funny!

Things were easier for her on the set because she knew most of the cast personally. I didn’t know it when I saw her in the show but I later found out she had known Mattew Perry since her childhood. They even did a film together called “Dance Until Dawn”. If you haven’t checked out the movie yet you should go and see it. She also knew David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox long before she stepped on to the “Friends” set. But I don’t think she has shared screen time with any of them before “Friends”. Joey on the other hand appeared on Christina’s own 90s hit show. Christina also mentions she and Jennifer Aniston really bonded while they were shooting together. Applegate stated, “We hung out for a while after that, and I really, really do love her.”

But how true is this statement? You must be thinking Why am I questioning their friendship? Being “Friends” is not the only common thing they have between them. What’s the other thing you ask? Both the ladies have dated Brad Pitt. Now, most of you already know about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. They dated from 2000 to 2005 and had Hollywood’s most high-profile splits. But many do not know that Christina Applegate also dated Brad Pitt. Christina and Brad were dating in 1989. When the couple started Brad Pitt was 25 and Christina Applegate was 17. But they did not last long and finally, Christina dumped Brad and moved on. When Christina met Jennifer Aniston for filming “Friends”, Jennifer was dating Brad Pitt. That gets me thinking, were they really friends or more like frenemies.?

So what do you think, were they really friends? Comment down below.