Macaulay Culkin to Ariel Winter: Find out why these child stars are emancipated!

September 22

Emancipation is a common thing in the entertainment business. From Macaulay Culkin to Drew Barrymore many child stars got emancipated but what is the reason?

Emancipation is a very common thing in Hollywood, while many of us like to believe the entertainment industry is the primary reason behind all the emancipation but honestly speaking there’s more to it than meets the eye. Many a time we hear stories of how a child’s success in the entertainment industry drives a parent crazy or sometimes children get emancipated to work around child labor laws what is the most recurring reason behind a child filing for emancipation? So let us look at these celebrities and deduce what is the most recurring reason for emancipation in the entertainment industry.

Juliette Lewis

Star children who got emancipated

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Juliette Lewis is one of those child actors to get emancipated with the help of her parents. One of the silverlings of emancipation or at least what is considered a silver lining is the child is treated as an adult after emancipation and that means child labor laws don’t apply to them. This was the primary reason behind Juliette Lewis getting emancipated. While talking to HuffPost she said the idea for emancipation was given by another stage mom. And since after emancipation Juliette could work more than eight hours they went for it. Juliette Lewis got emancipated at the age of 14.

Alicia Silverstone

Star children who got emancipated

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Alicia Silverstone is the second celebrity on the list who got emancipated so they could bypass the child labor laws. But for Alicia Silverstone, the thought of emancipation did not come from her parents or her. While Alicia was shooting for The Crush in 1993 the producers pitched the idea for emancipation so that she could work long hours and after long consideration, Alicia Silverstone was finally emancipated at the age of 15.

Macaulay Culkin

I absolutely love all the Home Alone movies. I watch them every year with my family during Christmas. Watching those films is one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood. So when I learned about what happened to him it made me extra sad. When Macaulay Culkin’s parents were splitting up they locked horns against each other for the right to manage his money. They treated their own son like a cash cow and that is why Macaulay Culkin took them to court. He was emancipated from his parents at the age of 16. 

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is one of those stars who instead of having a rocky childhood bounced back and did well for themselves. The Charlie’s Angels star had two trips to rehab in her childhood and after the second trip, she decided to part ways with her mother. Drew had always worked very hard which forced her to grow up very fast and by 14 she was emancipated. Following her emancipation, Drew Barrymore got an apartment in a building where her friend used to live and got a job at the Living Room. It’s really commendable that even after having such a rocky start she worked hard and became such a big star. Hats off to you Drew!

Ariel Winter

Star children who got emancipated

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We all loved and laughed at the jokes of Alex Dunphy but many of us didn't know the struggles she had in her personal life. And her grounds of emancipation shocked me the most. The fight for emancipation stood for over three years and after three long years, she was finally granted emancipation on the grounds of emotional abuse. During the time of emancipation, Ariel Winter was living with her sister, Shanelle Gray who was acting as her guardian.  

In the aftermath of the emancipation, the mother of the Modern Family actress appeared on the Dr. Phill Show to share her side of the story. Ellen brought up the instance while Ariel appeared on her show but Ariel refused to comment on that and told people are welcome to judge as they wish. Judge her how you want but one thing is for sure that must have been harder than anything we can fathom.

Courtney Love

Star children who got emancipated

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Courtney Love is the only celebrity on the list that has been on both sides of emancipation. When Courtney Love was 16 she emancipated herself from her neglectful parents. After her emancipation, he traveled around Europe with the inheritance left by her grandmother. She mentions this in her memoir “Her Mother’s Daughter”. But life came full circle when years down the line Courtney Love found herself on the other side of emancipation.

Frances Bean Cobain

Star children who got emancipated

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Like mother, like daughter. Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain was granted emancipation at the age of 17. After emancipation, she was under the guardianship of her paternal grandmother. While Courtney Love never intended to follow in her mother’s footsteps yet she could not maintain a good relationship with her daughter and eventually their relationship fell apart. According to Frances, her mother’s history with drugs played a vital role in emancipation.