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Dock Update

This update, let’s put the wind back in your Sails. Give your restaurant an exotic touch with new elements in your Dock. Let’s go through the changes one ship at a time:

1.  Three is better than one, hop on for some sailing fun! Yes, you can now cruise around in Three New Boats. Dock was your one-stop-shop for all the items needed to Craft Boosters and Magic, Upgrade Appliances and Train Chefs – all sourced from one single boat. Well, not anymore Captain. You can now acquire Exotic Items as per your need with exclusive and separate boats for each of these features.

2.  Got enough Boosters and in need of some Magic? Or want to focus only on Upgrading Appliances for a while? This update gives you the complete flexibility to fill the Boats as per your custom needs. All three boats sail to unique destinations and fetch items accordingly:
·  Magic Boat – Your ride to get all Exotic Items needed to Craft Magic from Magic Land.
·  Booster Boat – Up your game with Boosters from Booster Isle.
·  Upgrade Boat– Bag all the essentials needed for Appliance Upgrade and Chef Training from Omega City.

3.  Enjoy the goodness of a new and revised set of Exotic Items. The item variants are reduced to improve the efficiency of the Dock ecosystem. Due to a crispier and simplified combination of Exotic Items, it’s now easier than ever to navigate a smoother voyage. 

4.  It’s non-nom time in your restaurant. Add yummy munchies to your menu - your customer orders will now occasionally include eateries sourced from Magic Land and Booster Isle. 

5.  The number of rows to be filled in each Boat is reduced from three to one, making it easier to load the Crates and set your sails. To maintain a fine balance and hand over complete control to the player alone, the Help feature has been removed from Dock. You are now the captain of your ship, so navigate and make the best out of it!

6. With a renewed set of Exotic items, more Upgrade levels are added in Chef Academy and Workshop. Now go reap more benefits and enjoy the hustle and bustle of your restaurant.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All the existing Exotic Items in your inventory will be safely mapped and converted to the new variants of Exotic Items. Also, if your current Boat is in the middle of its Sail, it will be discontinued and replaced with the New Boat. As compensation to any such inconvenience caused during the Update, we have sneaked some goodies in your Announcements Tab to get you started on the new experience.
Food for thought

*Ever wonder how it’d be to have smaller cooking times in your appliances? Well, stop wondering and start doing! Workshop is where you upgrade your Appliances once you accumulate enough Exotic Items from Dock. Upgrading every now and then significantly reduces your cooking time and will collectively have a huge impact in your gameplay as you progress higher. As tempting as it might be to sell Exotic Items in the Chef Store for a few extra coins, you will be missing out on a major feature advantage by not putting the Exotic Items to its intended use.

* As you play and hone your restaurant management skills, you chefs also need to evolve and keep up with the ever-growing culinary world – enter Chef Academy. Utilize the Exotic Items collected from Omega City to Train your Chefs and earn extra XPs. Level up quicker than ever and always stay a step ahead during XP Tournaments.