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I just made an in-game purchase but did not receive the benefits. What can I do?


Are you having trouble receiving the benefits of an in-game purchase? The benefits of a purchase should usually reflect in the game immediately. However, there may be instances where there could be a slight delay in the transaction getting processed. In such cases, the status of the transaction would remain in a "Pending" or "Processing" state for a while. If you are experiencing such an issue, we suggest giving it some time and checking if the transaction status changes to a "Complete" or "Done" state.

If you are still facing the issue after waiting for some time, please contact us in-game or through email at support@99games.in. We request you to share the following details:

  • Your GameID
  • Purchase details
  • Time of purchase
  • Receipt of the purchase (if available)

Once we receive this information, we will investigate the issue on our end and credit the missing benefits to your account immediately.