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What’s new in v1.4.21?

Our new and interesting update is here for you. Continue reading to find out what's in store for you.

La Tomatina theme in Kekoa’s Adventure: It's no secret that Kekoa is no stranger to misadventures; he's been around the world and isn't beyond going a little crazy every now and then. True to form, he's headed to Bunol, Mexico, where crushed tomatoes are the craziest and most enjoyable kind of entertainment imaginable. Complete the Active and Daily Tasks, collect awards, and hurl tomatoes as you make your way toward the Treasure Cave in Senorita style!

Tomat-astic Exclusive Decors: Keep your sodium levels in check because the tomato craziness continues after Kekoa's Adventure with Exclusive Tomato Decors that are wonderfully wild! The only guideline to remember is that having fun has no rules.

Friendship Day Gifting Event: We're here to tell you that happiness can't be bought, but we're confident that you can give it away. Make your pals feel special this Friendship Day by writing them a special note and giving them a unique Friendship Day gift. You're not very good at expressing yourself, are you? Do not fret, we have customised messages for all kinds of friends and acquaintances you’ve made in the game.

New Food Zones: With our upcoming pair of Food Zones, we're taking a beauty and the beast approach: an unpredictable "Viking Bowl" and a pumpkin spice and everything beautiful "Pumpkin Paradise."

This brings us to the end of our rundown of the new features. Take care and enjoy the game!