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What’s new in v1.5.10?

Gratitude unlocks more blessings your way, and while we start counting our blessings on this Thanksgiving, YOU are the first thing that checks out. Yes, a community so loving and awesome that you make the Star Chef 2 crew love what they do. So, here’s a little something from ours to yours to make this Thanksgiving a special one - Thanksgiving Update! Let’s look around and see what’s on the table, shall we?

Thanksgiving Themed Food Cart Event:

You can serve food in your restaurant, catering truck, or even Foodland in a way… but with your Food Cart, you’re not just serving food but serving joy on a plate. It’s the hot spot for all happy occasions, festivals, and carnivals. It’s an al fresco way of savouring food surrounded by love, joy and light. So, it only made sense for us to introduce Thanksgiving Theme to this special event.

Thanksgiving events

  1. Are you ready to get sauced? Feast your eyes this Thanksgiving, as Star Chef 2 premieres a brand-new Thanksgiving-themed Food Cart Event. Make your customers gobble till they wobble in orange hues, and pumpkin flavours, and find the ‘tur-key’ to holiday bliss.
  2. You can keep guessing but you’ll not land on the mind-blowing new avatar Nicole is going to show up in. It’s definitely a sight to behold. You’ll be saying, ‘wham, yam, thank you maám’ when Nicole graces your Food Cart in a beautiful yet rugged prairie costume.
  3. Holidays come and go, but it’s the memories that stick. Similarly, events come and go, but it’s the decors that stay to remind you of your accomplishments during the event. Say hello to gourd-geous Exclusive Thanksgiving Decors to wow your customers. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss these.

Brand New Bonanza Bash Events:

The holiday ‘Rush Hour' needs some ‘Culinary Boom’ to up the ‘Yummy Factor’- new BONANZA BASH events on Cooking Slots, Appliances and Dish Mastery. Okay, let us unriddle that for you.

  1. Rush Hour: Need more cooking slots? We hear you! Look out for this much-needed new Bonanza Bash event where you get a 25% discount on your Cooking Slot purchases.
  2. Culinary Boom: Stuck with orders from an appliance you don’t have? Running short of coins? You now have a Bonanza Bash event called Culinary Boom that’ll slash off the prices by 25% on appliance purchases for the duration of the event. So, plan your next purchase in parallel to this event – eye on the event calendar everyone.
  3. Yummy Factor: Don’t forget to upgrade your dishes when Yummy Factor is on. Get unimaginable discounts on the items needed to upgrade. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Chinese Language Support:

We try to keep inclusivity at the centre of everything we do, and as a step closer to that, we are releasing new language support – Simplified Chinese.

That’s a wrap on the exciting new event, we would love to get your feedback on the new Thanksgiving visuals in the Food Cart as we worked extra hard on that. Hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!