The Journey from Star Chef to Star Chef 2

January 21

Legacy of an elegant fine-dining experience!

Bonjour chefs! In 2014, we launched an innovative cooking and restaurant management game - Star Chef, which quickly transformed into a global success with over 20 million downloads. The game was first launched on the iOS platform and followed up by releases on Android, Facebook Gameroom, Mac, and Microsoft Store. Over a course of time, a significant number of Star Chef enthusiasts started coming together to form a strong community and provide feedback, critique, advice, and inspiration! We continued to add features to Star Chef over the years. However, by 2018, we realized we were running into technical limitations with the game engine, which prevented us from enhancing the game the way we wanted. So we started thinking afresh and anew.

Today, Star Chef 2, a game that builds on the legacy of an elegant fine-dining experience and adapts to the environment of the modern chef life is running successfully throughout the globe. 

With Star Chef 2, we repackaged the very best, sharing the same sentiments, the same joy, the same emotions- and added depth, various food combinations, personalization, and community play. We brought in the habits and associated traits of the modern-day chef, carefully combining the right recipe with the right partnership: forming a chef’s everlasting progression and living the Chef Life.

We have significantly ramped up the game graphics and given all our beloved in-game chefs a complete makeover! We have re-designed the layouts and given you the flexibility to design and decorate in a million different ways! And what’s a game without some strong community play? Yes, we have built brilliant social features that enable collaborative and competitive gameplay! Last but not the least, we have incorporated several mini-games and crafting mechanisms to keep you engaged and entertained while you build the most unique restaurant of all!!