Food Cart Event

March 8

Turn up the Heat in your Restaurants

Food Cart Event is a reality check to all the cooking enthusiasts who will take up the challenge of mastering the restaurant as well the Food Cart. Come on all, it’s time to slice and dice, make your restaurant nice with the Food Cart Event.

How to play Food Cart Event?

  1. Food Cart is a limited time Solo Event which unlocks at level 20 and boy, we all know we love it!
  2. Food is the perfect dart to your customer’s heart – cook delicious food from order chits in the Cart. A maximum number of 3 orders will be available at a time to be served. 
  3. Serve joy in a plate and sweep your customers off their feet for Xps and Food Tokens. 
  4. How do you reach a milestone, you ask? Collect Food Tokens to reach the milestone and unlock the rewards. 
  5. More the progress through the milestones, the better the rewards and exclusive special decors to decorate your restaurants. 
  6. You can purchase Gold Pass in the event to earn 1.5x Food Tokens, get BONUS Rewards and unravel aesthetically pleasing DECORS. 
  7. Charm your way to the top of the leaderboard to win nifty rewards and beat your fellow chefs for victory. 
  8. Most importantly, indulge in the yummy nummy food and spoil yourselves a little before the cold breeze arrives!