Friendship Day Gifting Event

July 27

They say you cannot buy happiness, but you can surely gift it amigo!

You can count on us like one, two, three and we’ll be there, coz that’s what Friendship Day is supposed to do. Ooh ooh ooh ooh, oh yeah! 😉 

Gone are the days when we’d assign BFF, second BFF, gossip friend, school friend, neighbourhood friend etc. Remember the sleepovers? The late-night calls crying over our first heartbreaks? That one cool friend who was kinda mean? Oh, how about those goofy friendship bands we’d tie around people’s wrists? Silly, right? 

Well, we’ve come a long way from then and a lot of friendships fell apart. But that doesn’t mean we have to let go of the wide-eyed, goofy and naïve kid in all of us right? Because friends are the family we choose and so is the case with the wonderful community you have nurtured in Star Chef 2 – and how can we not celebrate that?

So now how many of you are aware that Friendship Day is right around the corner, albeit on July 30th? In honour of this underrated but special holiday, we present to you ‘Friends Forever’- a friendship day themed gifting event.

Friendship day event in star chef 2

  • Click on the popping and goofy emojis at the bottom of your screen to unveil the ‘Friends Forever’ event. The emojis signify happiness and togetherness, whereas the all-yellow look and feel pay an ode to true friendships.
  • You can pick any friends from your chef circle or even tag along a teammate from your Chef Team.
  • Pen down a heartfelt message that’s customised to your dear ones. Not so much with the words? Don’t fret, there are a bunch of customised messages to choose from – bestie, your saviour in times of need, your mid-night chatting companion – there’s something for all. 
  • Next, the best part – exclusive decors that are arguable one of the most adorable set of decors. Beware, the only way to grab them is to have friends you can count on – you send a gift, and they send you one back. What goes around, comes around right?

friendship day gifts

  • From chocolate fountain to a mesmerising dolphin, from larger-than-life teddy bears to a striking emoji man – the event comes packaged with all the love there is to offer to friends who are more than friends.
  • Now, hit that send button and make someone smile. Because all the decors and messages apart, the true takeaway from the new event is in the goodness of making another human being smile.
  • You never know what someone is going through, every small act of kindness can make a huge difference and what better than Friendship Day to act on our instincts and be generous. 

Let us know what you think of this new event in the comments below. Also, do you have anyone in mind who you’d dedicate your first gift to? Drop their names below, and we will give both of you a special shoutout and may be even an early Friendship Day gift from the Star Chef 2 team.