Kekoa's Adventure

September 27
Kekoa's Adventure

Travel the world with Kekoa

Kekoa’s Adventure is your much needed escape to exciting destinations all-year-round. His adventure ranges from soaking up the sun in Pacific Island to ghost-busting in haunted graveyards. Yep, that’s Kekoa for you! Hop on the bandwagon with Chef Kekoa on his serendipitous and mind-boggling adventures.

How to play Kekoa’s Adventure?

  • Once the event is live, tap on the solo event area near the restaurant entrance archway to check the assigned tasks.
  • Complete the assigned tasks to receive Task Points, each task is allotted an equivalent number of Task Points to match its difficulty level.
  • As you collect Tasks Points, you will progress through the Reward Lane grabbing Rewards left, right and centre – quite literally.
  • Keep an eye on the Daily Tasks – you will receive 3 Daily Tasks that will refresh every day and be replaced with newer tasks – irrespective of its completion status.
  • Unlike Daily Tasks, Active Tasks don’t expire, however, you will receive an additional new set of Active Tasks after every 6 days during the course of the event. 
  • To stay ahead of the game, tap on the Upcoming Tasks to know when the next sets of Active Tasks will be enabled.
  • Activate the Gold Pass to receive a myriad of extra Perks, Rewards, and exclusive Decors all throughout the event.
  • Once you accomplish the Reward Lane, you can unlock the Treasure Cave - exclusive for Gold Pass members - and open it any number of times to unravel a bunch of exciting Rewards.

How often is Kekoa’s Adventure event?

  • Kekoa’s schedules a 30-day itinerary once in every two months. So set your reminders! 
  • You will have 24 hours after the end of the event to collect any pending rewards. Don’t let the vacation hangover keep you from your Rewards!

Tips to play Kekoa’s Adventure:

  • Daily Tasks will have smaller goals compared to Active Tasks, complete the Daily Tasks assigned before it expires.
  • Active Tasks will have larger goals but rewards you with bigger Task Points compared to Daily Tasks, complete more Active Tasks to process faster in the Rewards Lane.
  • Keep your Boosters ready to complete the Tasks quicker.
  • If you have a Gold Pass activated, once you complete all the set of Active Tasks, you will receive Bonus Tasks.
  • Complete as many Bonus Tasks as possible and collect Tasks Points to unlock the Treasure Cave any number of times.