Pizza on Wheels

April 20
Pizza on Wheels Brand New Event in Star Chef 2

Do you have the pizzaz to deliver pizzas on time?

Picture this – it’s a peaceful evening after a long day of work, and you’re just lounging around in your pajamas getting comfy to watch a much-awaited flick with a glass of wine. Isn’t that the night we all dream of? Wait, there’s something missing! Something crusty, something cheesy… a slice of which can make you go woozy! Yep, we’re talking about the full circle of happiness packed and parceled in a square box – Pizza. 

Pineapple? Check. ✅ Pepperoni? Check. ✅ Ice cream? Check. ✅ The only thing that doesn’t go well with Pizza is WAITING! A big no to that – because when the craving for pizza hits you, it shows no mercy. 😩 So, get behind the wheels and deliver them in a jiffy in the brand new event PIZZA ON WHEELS. Oh, watch out for parking patrol and slid into your parking space smoothly. Grab cheesetastic rewards and generous tips that’ll bump you higher in this delivery race. What are you waiting for? Get your pizzaz on! 

How to deliver pizzas and win exciting Rewards?

  • When the bike is moving swiftly on the streets, crowded by all kinds of automobiles on both sides, keep your eyes on the road for empty parking spaces.
  • When you do find the empty parking space, tap on the screen, hold and release at the right time to land smooth parking.
  • When parked correctly, you win 20 Tokens, and when you get the drift and park perfectly in the rectangular parking space, you win 40 Tokens.
  • For your great service in delivering pizzas, you also bag some heft tips into the tip jar.
  • Tap, Hold and Release – this is your drill to deliver slices of sheer happiness and win back Tokens and Tips.
  • What do Tokens do? When you collect enough Tokens by landing a certain number of parking, you win exciting Rewards that will help you in your hustle of the restaurant.
  • Tokens also fill milestones that when completed, bring you a scratch card that you can use to scratch your itch for satisfying Rewards – from exotic items to hard cash, it’s got it all!
  • Try not to miss one too many parking spaces. Fret not, there are three boons that will help you in your new pizza delivery venture:
  1. Grippy Tire: Slows down the time while parking or gives a grip for several seconds.
  2. 2X: Doubles the Tokens and Tips earned for several seconds.
  3. Measuring Tape: Helps you get the exact measurement for parking. 
  • If you run out of fuel, purchase them in exchange for some cash and get going. 
  • The tips you collect throughout the gameplay are the measure of your delivery skills against the others in the game. Top the Leader Board and meet fellow players and show them who’s the boss of Pizza on Wheels.
  • Oh, did we also mention Leader Board has its own Rewards? 

They say you don’t need a reason to indulge in a good ol’ slice of pizza, but Pizza on Wheels has quite a handful of awesome reasons anyway. Now, deliver pizzas like there’s no tomorrow, and let us know what you think of the new event.