Solo Tournaments

May 9

Ace the Leaderboard Solo!

Solo Tournaments are the events where individual players participate and compete with each other to win exciting rewards at the end of the Tournament. All these rewards will help your run your restaurant smoothly and expedite your journey in the restaurant in the future days. 

These Tournaments allow all individual players in the game to climb up a Leaderboard by earning maximum Points (varies on the Goal Type: XP/Stars/Popularity Trophies) during the Tournament. 

Three things to remember during the Tournament:

  1. Tournament Points: These points are earned by the player by performing actions in an event to rank in the Tournament. Also, to be noted is that these points will be used only for Tournament Goal Type: Dish and Backyard Tournaments only. 
  2. Personal Goal: These are the Minimum Points to be scored by the player to enter the Tournament. 
  3. Group Goal: This is applicable for Solo Tournament only as what fun without some competition? You will be entered into a Leaderboard along with 29 other players to collect enough points to reach milestones and claim rewards cumulatively. 

Harvest Carnival

Grab your sickle…it’s harvest time! Sow, grow and reap the essence of organic veggies and earn Tournament Points- now participate in the event and win big!

Star Chef 2 - Harvest Carnival

Everything you need to know about Harvest Carnival: 

  • Harvest Carnival will be active for duration of three days. 
  • Grow maximum Crops in your backyard and harvest them to gain Tournament Points to reach the Personal Goal and enter the leaderboard.
  • Longer the harvest duration, higher the Tournament Points. 
  • Craft suitable Boosters in the Cooking Lab and keep em’ ready to cast the spell!
  • Want more than Leaderboard rewards? Here’s the big news for you – You’ll be grouped in the leaderboard as a team to collect enough points to reach more milestones and claim rewards. 

Champion’s Cue: To avoid overflow in storage, slice and dice the harvested crops in Food Cutter to mix them and keep them ready. Convert the mix into Salads at the Salad station and quickly whip up delicious servings for future orders!

Buckle up your farming shoes and devise a constructive strategy with suitable Boosters and your go-to efforts for the upcoming Harvest Carnival. 

Rising Stars

Customers are the stars of a restaurant! Serve and delight them with delicacies and collect Stars to participate in the event and win exciting rewards! 

Star Chef 2 - Rising Stars

Everything you need to know about Rising Stars:

  • Rising Stars will be active for a duration of 3 days.
  • Serve and impress your customers with lip-smacking delicacies.
  • Collect the Stars your customers happily lay out for you to enter the Tournament.
  • For faster delivery, start firing up your cooking appliances now and craft suitable boosters in the Cooking Lab. Preparation is the key!
  • Aim for the Group Goal to achieve more milestones and claim more rewards.

Champion’s Cue: Get Joe to help you with the bulk orders in Catering Truck. Tend to the orders in your Catering Trucks for a boost of Stars in the form of customized rewards bonus! Cater to as many Critics and Celebrities as they leave a trail of bonus worth bearing their tantrums for!

A fine-dining restaurant stands for intricate food art and impeccable service. Don a smile and serve your happy customers with the finest cuisines. Win exciting rewards and reach for the Stars!

Ace of Ladles

Running a Restaurant is no piece of cake. The more you cook and serve, the more you learn and experience. Intensify the hustle of your restaurant- harvest crops and impress your customers to gain XP and participate in the Tournament to ace the Leaderboard!

Star Chef 2 - Ace of Ladles

Everything you need to know about Ace of Ladles:

  • Ace of Ladles will be active for a duration of 3 days.
  • Serve and please your customers to gain XPs. 
  • Harvest Crops in your Backyard to make further progress.
  • Craft the Recommended Boosters and keep em’ ready to give yourself a beneficial XP boost.
  • Tend to the Catering Truck events during this tournament to win XPs as customized bonus rewards.
  • Once you enter the Leaderboard, aim to achieve the Group Goal and win amazing rewards. 

Champion’s Cue: Make sure your Chefs are trained in the Academy to the highest possible level to get bonus XPs upon serving their dishes. Tend to Catering Truck orders and claim XP as bonus rewards exclusively during XP Tournament. Express your love for music in Singer Stage and bag plenty of XPs – rewards for enjoying music? That’s a deal maker!

Food is best served hot. Deliver impeccable service to your customers and gain valuable Experience Points to ace the Leaderboard like a pro! 

Kitchen Klash

Hop on to the Popularity Train. It’s a competitive world out there. Will you be able to keep up? Play and beat your fellow chefs in Chef Masters to participate in Kitchen Klash.

Star Chef 2 - Kitchen Klash

Everything you need to know about Kitchen Klash:

  • Kitchen Klash will be active for duration of 3 days.
  • Play Chef Master matches against fellow chefs around the world or challenge your very own friends.
  • Show off your culinary skills and win Popularity Trophies on your way to victory.
  • Craft Magics in Cooking Lab and keep em’ ready to unleash the power during the Tournament.
  • Strategize and keep gaining tips and tricks from the Community to stay ahead in the game. 
  • Compete for the top position in the Leaderboard as you collect more Popularity Trophies. 

Champion’s Cue: Higher Chef Master Leagues facilitate more Popularity Trophies for every victory. Play Chef Master matches consistently to bump up your league status consequentially giving you an advantage during Tournaments. Consistency is key!

A muddled kitchen is an indication of victory! This Tournament, get your hands busy and beat your fellow chefs in Chef Masters. Collaborate and top the Tournament Leaderboard to become the talk of the town.

Pier Pressure

In a boisterous voyage that Star Chef 2 is, the sails are not always smooth, but you can always take control of the helm and be the captain of your own ship in the all new Solo Dock Tournament.

Star Chef 2 - Pier Pressure

Everything you need to know about Pier Pressure:

  • The Tournament will run for 5 days. 
  • Set sails for as many Boat Trips as possible, seas the day and grab Dock Points.
  • Worry not sailor! We got your back with tips and tricks – now is when all the Exotic Items come to play. 
  • Prep Fast Boat, Super-Fast Boat, and Dock Boost Boosters to stay on top of the sailing game.
  • Collaborate with your Friends and Teammates for Recipes you may need and expedite the cooking (via Helps) to get the dishes on-board on time for the Tournament.

Champion’s Cue: Tick-tock, tick-tock! Time is of the essence and just like Titanic, that’s what you’ll run short of. Keep your focus on the iceberg…oops sorry, the Dock Points and you should be good to go. 

Raise the anchor, let’s get cruising. You got to be your own rescuer and get on the on-going hustle and bustle at the Docks. 

Party Season

Be part of hundreds of joyous celebrations and catering joy on plates in the form of delicious food. That’s exactly what this Solo Tournament is about. It’s raining parties, s turn on the ignition of your Catering Truck and cater your way to the top of the Party Season Leaderboard. 

Star Chef 2 - Party Season

Everything you need to know about Party Season:

  • Party Season is a new solo Tournament where you will compete against fellow caterers in the game, and prove your food is the most likeable by collecting maximum Catering Points.
  • Party Season will run for a duration of 3 days, just like any Solo Tournament.
  • Fill all three rows to get the maximum Catering Points – but if you’re really stuck in a rut with dishes, move on to the next Party to avoid hold ups.
  • Utilize the Help Feature in the Catering Truck and stock up the docks.
  • Best booster choices? Super-Fast Cooking and Unlimited Shopping are your go-to for Party Season.
  • Send as many Catering Trips as possible and become a Catering Maverick in your circle.

Champion’s Cue: As the name suggests, it’s when parties are at its peak ­– so you might want to pull up both your Catering Trucks – because two is always better than one.