Team Chests

May 13

Collaborate as a Team to Win the Golden Chest!

Team Chest is an event where members of a Chef Team come together to reach the goal and collect the Golden Chest. Boy, that sounds exciting right! Once a Team reaches the goal of the Team Chest, all the members of the Chef Team will be able to collect the Chests once the event ends. There are three Team Chests - Bronze, Silver and Gold respectively. The more you reach near your goal, the better the rewards! How is it possible you ask? Well, these Chests have an increase in rewards compared to the previous Chests.

Points to remember:

  • Contribute to the Event and complete the Personal Goal to join your Team in the journey to reach the Team Chest Goal.
  • Climb up the Team League during Team Tournaments because higher the league, the higher the rewards in Team Chest.
  • Your team won’t be demoted if your team is not able to collect any of the chests. Phew!
  • Strategize and collaborate with all your teammates and reach the Gold Chest goal and enjoy those sweet rewards.

Kitchen Gala: 

Slice and dice those veggies and create those lip-smacking recipes to participate in the Kitchen Gala.

Star Chef 2 - Kitchen Gala

Everything you need to know about Kitchen Gala:

  • The kitchen Gala will be active for 3 days.
  • Cook up as many dishes as possible in your kitchen to collect those Tournament Points to contribute to the Team Chest.
  • Longer the cooking duration of a dish, the higher the Tournament Points.
  • Craft those recommended Boosters and Keep em’ ready to speed up your cooking.
  • Collaborate with your teammates, exchange Goodies and Helps to cook those dishes faster.
  • Stock up the Goodies and Ingredients, and fill up your Happiness Meter to speed up the Goodie generation.

Champion’s Cue: Premium provides that extra Cooking Slot in your appliances, queue up the dishes and rise up the Tournament Points.

Watch Ads to reduce the cooking time of a dish, and lead your team with that extra step of contribution to the Team Chest goal.

Harvest Carnival:

Hector’s been waiting for this a long time now! Using his expertise in the Backyard, grow fresh and organic veggies and fruits to earn fresh Tournament Points. Now participate in the Team Chest and win juicy rewards.

Star Chef 2 - Harvest Carnival

Everything you need to know about Harvest Carnival:

  • Harvest Carnival will be active for three days.
  • Grow maximum Crops in your backyard and pile up veggies and fruits to gain Tournament Points and contribute to your Team's Chest goal.
  • Craft the recommended boosters in advance and keep’em ready to support Hector while harvesting.
  • Chat with your teammates and exchange strategies, tips and tricks to complete the Chest Goal.
  • Collaborate with your teammates by requesting Watering Help if you’re out of water in your Backyard.

Champion’s Cue: Avoid overflow of your Ingredient Storage by slicing and dicing the harvested crops in your Food Cutter to mix them up and keep them ready. Prepare Salads at your Salad Station using the Mix you made earlier and quickly whip up delicious servings for future orders or sell them for a sweet discount in your Chef Store.

Buckle up your shoes and tools and join Hector collaborate as a Team and win those exciting rewards.

Rising Stars: 

Customers are the stars of a restaurant! Serve and delight them with delicacies and collect Stars to participate in the Team Chest and win exciting rewards! 

Star Chef 2 - Rising Stars

 Everything you need to know about Rising Stars:

  • Rising Stars will be active for three days.
  • Serve your customer with those lip-smacking delicacies and collect those Stars your customers happily layout for you.
  • Preparation is the key! Craft suitable boosters in the Cooking Lab to speed up your cooking process.
  • Chat and collaborate with your teammates to exchange strategies and tips to boost the contribution to the Team Chest Goal.
  • Fill up your Catering Crates to earn those huge Stars and contribute to the event.

Champion’s Cue: Get Joe’s help for the bulk order and send off your Catering Truck on time to earn Stars from the Full Order Bonus. Construct the Celebrity Manor and invite Critics and Celebrities to earn Stars as a Speedy Service Bonus.

A fine-dining restaurant stands for intricate food art and impeccable service. Don a smile and serve your happy customers with the finest cuisines. Win exciting rewards and reach for the Stars!

Ace of Ladles:

Running a Restaurant is no joke. With every delicacy cooked and served, the more you learn and earn the experience. Intensify the hustle of your restaurant and backyard to impress your customers gain XP and contribute to your Team's Chest Goal.

Star Chef 2 - Ace of Ladles

  • Ace of Ladles will be active for three days.
  • Serve your customer with those lip-smacking delicacies which you have mastered with the year-long mastery you’ve gained to gain XPs.
  • Earn XPs by harvesting Crops and Fruits in your Backyard.
  • Craft the Recommended Boosters and keep em’ ready to give yourself a beneficial XP boost.
  • Chat and collaborate with your teammates to share tips and tricks and exchange Help in Cooking and Harvesting.
  • Got some free time? Earn some XPs while playing some tracks in the Singer Stage. Believe us, you’ll be grooving in a while! 

Champion’s Cue: Train your Chefs at the Academy to increase the XPs to gain upon serving their dishes. Fill up your Catering Crates and send your Truck within time to claim those XP as Full Order Bonus exclusively during the Ace of Ladles.

Food is best served hot. Deliver impeccable service to your customers and gain valuable Experience Points and lead your team to reach the Goal!

Kitchen Klash:

Klash up with your opponents in Chef Masters and earn those Popularity Trophies to participate in Kitchen Klash. It’s a competitive world out there, will you be able to keep up? Hop on to the Popularity Train now!

Star Chef 2 - Kitchen Klash

Everything you need to know about Kitchen Klash:

  • Kitchen Klash will be active for three days.
  • Compete with your fellow Chest around the world in Chef Masters.
  • Show off your managing skills and win the Popularity Trophy on your way to victory.
  • Chat and Challenge your Teammates to improve your Culinary Skills. Exchange strategies and tips ahead of the game.
  • Collaborate as a team and contribute to the Goal as you collect more Popularity Trophies.

Champion’s Cue: Higher the Chef Masters league you climb, the more Popularity Trophies you earn for every victory. Consistency is key! Play Chef Master matches consistently to bump up your league status consequentially giving you an advantage during Tournaments. 

A muddled kitchen is an indication of victory! In this event, get your hands busy and beat your fellow chefs in Chef Masters. Collaborate and progress in the Chest Goal to win those Shiny Chests!