All that’s merry and all that’s bright, packed in one magical Holiday Update

December 2

When the Holiday season waves its wands over your restaurant, the cold winters become cozy, the long nights turn into cherished moments, and your wish list turns into presents.

It’s that time of the year again when there’s magic in the air, and snowflakes in your hair. Your biggest dilemma is eggnog or hot chocolate? And your toughest challenge is sneaking in the presents carefully so Santa can take credits. So, all is merry, and all is bright in this auspicious month… To add a little more sparkle to your holiday cheer, Star Chef 2 is rolling out a brand-new Holiday Update that will make sure you remember this December! Let’s dig in, because naughty or nice… we’re all getting a surprise.

Holiday Terrain


Source: Star Chef 2

On a silent night, there’s a Lil jingle for all… Because ‘tis the season baby, come deck the hall! A snow-clad landscape, wreaths hanging up high, festive lighting in every nook and corner, your favorite chefs as elves, and a lot more are awaiting you in the new update. 

Your restaurant has had a makeover to capture the magic of the Holidays and emanate love, light, and goodness. So, embrace a NEW HOLIDAY TERRAIN in the game. Oh did we mention? A snowman might as well pay you a visit… because some people are worth melting for. 😉

Frosty Kekoa’s Adventure

Kekoas Adventure

Source: Star Chef 2

When the temperature drops and you spot a reindeer, you know the North Pole is near! If there’s one thing we know about Kekoa, it’s that he never shies away from a challenge. From the heatwaves of Hawaii to the chills of the North Pole, his quest for secret ingredients is always on a roll. 

Santa has fanned out nifty treasures across the freezing North Pole, help Kekoa grab them all and accomplish Santa’s Workshop together. Exciting presents await you upon achieving the goals, or all you’ll be left with is coals! 😜

Merrylicious New Food Zones

Foodland Food Zones

Source: Star Chef 2

What’s the holidays with yummylicious food? Go nom-nom with two brand new Food Zones from far and wide that make every gourmet’s whims and fancies come true. Foodland continues to surprise us and stay true to its words – it’s a feast for both the eyes and tummy! 

  • Wild West:

Howdy chefs! Grab your boots, because we’re living life the cowgirl style. Not all girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything is nice… right Wyomingites? Get in touch with the wilderness and fire up your Dutch oven on the chuck wagon. Lost on all the cowgirl lingo? Well, wait till you have the Wild West Food Zone in your Foodland. 

  • Thai Floating Market:

Bringing a stark contrast to the Wild West Food Zone, the Thai Floating Market is all about high extravagant hats, decorated umbrellas, cherry blossoms, and floating boats… pretty ritzy huh? So all you fancy pants out there, go grab the Thai Floating Market that can make your high school nemesis green in envy. Yep, no harm in showing off a bit this Holiday, right?

New Foodland Decors


Source: Star Chef 2

December is not just a month, it’s a special feeling. To some, it’s the time to step out, see the wonders of the world, and tick it off their bucket list. And to some, it’s the time to return home, cozy up with their family, and eat good ol’ home food. To bring the best of both worlds, we are rolling out THREE NEW DECORS. From dizzying around in a delicious CREAMY CAROUSEL to letting your hair down and galloping in a FUN RIDE HORSE to marveling at the spectacular view from the edible CANDYLICIOUS EIFFEL TOWER… this update’s straight out of a fairy-tale.

Sending all the Holiday wishes and mistletoe kisses your way. We hope you enjoy playing the Holiday update as much as we enjoyed making it…oh, we had a blast let me tell you that! Go grab all the new features and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. But most importantly, have a hearty, joyful, healthy time with your friends and family. Happy Holidays.