Foodland of the Month

July 13

Know about the Rules, Regulations and Rewards!

Just a year ago, Matt stood with his ultimate passion project, Foodland – a feast for eyes and tummy! There were a Bustling crowd, smiles and joys, deliciousness in the air, and happy faces all over the place!

After years of exploring whimsical foods, extravagant food zones, pure culinary excellence and Rudolf’s quirkiness, we are here with the much-awaited contest of all - Foodland of the Month! Yes, you heard it right.

What do you do to participate in Foodland of the Month you ask? Conduct Food Experiments and unlock new Recipe Cards to build new and eye-catchy Food Zones. Decorate your whimsical land with beautiful and mind-blowing decorations like Pup House, Popcorn Arch, Bear Tub etc. 

Foodland Decors

What are the Rules?

  • The entry should consist of a minimum of 3 food zones.
  • The entry should consist of a beautifully decorated Foodland.
  • The entry for Foodland of the month starts on 14.02.23 and ends on 27.02.23.
  • All entries submitted afterward are not eligible for the contest.
  • The 3 finalists will be picked by Star Chef 2 team and later will be given to vote for the community.
  • The voting will start on 28.02.23 and closes on 05.03.23.
  • Players need to select their favorite entry from the 3 finalists and drop entry no. in the comments.

The entry which receives the most no. of votes gets the title of Foodland of the Month.

What are the rewards you ask? It’s mind-blowingly amazing. The winner receives a title along with amazing rewards – 50,000 Coins, 5000 Goodies, and 500 Cash.

Hurry Up! grab the title of the Foodland of the Month.