Ketch-Up on the latest Juicy and Tangy Event!

July 21

Paint the Town Red in the biggest food fight in the world.

August is like the Sunday of summer, dance your heart away when the sun’s still out. The poppies are brighter, the afternoons are warmer, and the tomatoes are juicier… so what do you do when life throws you tomatoes? That’s right, you squish and hurl it at your friends at the biggest food festival – La Tomatina. 

Oh, did we just say friends? Did you also know it’s Friendship Day? A holiday we’d celebrate at the prime of our childhood has taken a backseat s adulthood took the wheels – let’s rev up our drive to make friends to full speed. 

La Tomatina theme in Kekoa’s Adventure

La tomatina festival in Spain

Kekoa is no stranger to adventures – he’s a world traveller and sometimes a tad bit cray-cray as well. True to his character, he has chosen to pay a visit to the epicentre of craziness and truck-loads of fun in the form of squashed tomatoes – yes, seems like we’re going to Bunol, mi amor. Now, complete the Active and Daily Tasks, grab exciting rewards, and squish and hurl tomatoes on your way to the Treasure Cave – all in Senorita style! 

Tomat-astic Exclusive Decor

La tomatina decor in Spain

You might want to keep your sodium levels in check – the tomato chaos doesn’t end in Kekoa’s Adventure, it will forever paint your restaurant red with Exclusive Tomato Decors that are adorably insane! Keep in mind – the only rule is, that there are no rules to having fun.

Chefs in White

Watch your chefs step out of the kitchen and enjoy a tomato sesh (what? It’s good for the skin, after all). And guess what? They’re all in white. Will they be able to get the tomato stain off their shirts? That could be a debate, let us know down in the comments below. 

Friendship Day Gifting Event

Friendship day

You can count on me like one, two, three and I’ll be there because that’s what Friendship Day is supposed to do… oh, yeah! 🎵

Hi there bestie, they say you cannot buy happiness, but we’re sure as heck that you can gift it. This Friendship Day, make your friends feel special and pen down a heartfelt message with an exclusive Friendship Day gift. Not so good with words? Do not fret, we have customised messages for all kinds of friends and acquaintances you’ve made in the game. 

There’s also fun content coming up on social media where you can decorate a Friendship Day booth using the decors you receive through this brand-new feature. If you’re not receiving any gifts, you might want to reconsider your social life. Just kidding, or maybe not! 😜

New Food Zones

Foodland decoration ideas

We’re going with a beauty and beast kind of combination with our next pair of Food Zones coming up – an unpredictable ‘Viking Bowl’ and pumpkin spice and everything nice ‘Pumpkin Paradise’. Why this uncanny combo? Well, we’ve no idea! Let us check on our designer and see if everything’s alright over there, lol! 

And that’s a wrap on everything new coming to your fingertips with the v1.4.21 Update. Enjoy the summer while it lasts, it’s not every day that a holiday in Spain comes searching for you. 😉

Also, this is the first time we are rolling out a La Tomatina-themed Kekoa’s Adventure and we would love to catch your feedback, so please feel free to drop your comments when you see it.