New Spring Update Out Now

January 24

Blossom by blossom, Spring begins!

Sunshine, fresh air, and the whiff of a flower blooming are boomeranging back ­– it’s Spring baby! Spring is nature’s youth, a season of rejuvenation and new beginnings. With butterflies slowly fluttering their way back into our gardens and office spaces, a new Spring Themed Update seemed like a perfect fit to spruce up the game. 

Here’s to the dreamers who see the world in rose-colored glasses and get excited about all things ‘pretty in pink’. 


Spring Theme

Source: Star Chef 2

Life’s a roller-coaster ride where everyone passes by the meadow but only a few notice the flowers – so next time, take time to smell the roses, stop and watch a poppy bloom and wear some daisies on your hair. Got no time? We got you covered.

The floral kingdom rises in Star Chef 2 – rise and shine with the bright sunflowers, hang out with vibrant carnations, and bloom with cherry blossoms in the New Spring Theme. Your restaurant is sprinkled with a touch of love, a dash of pizzaz, and lots of pinks. New exclusive decors, a splendid new archway, aesthetic that’s an eye candy ­– Let the garden whisk you into a place of serenity, peace, and joy. 

Flying off to the Far East – The Land of the Red Dragon

Exclusive Decor

Source: Star Chef 2

Kekoa is all set to tick off another exotic destination from his bucket list. Only this time, his air miles are going off the charts as he’s flying across the seven seas to land right in the middle of one of the world’s most magnificent celebrations – and all this in merry of a New Moon Day. He’s in some for lunar luck in a land known for red dragons, martial arts, rich culture, and extraordinary cuisines. Sounds irresistible right?

The history of the mythological creature Nian, bright lanterns serenading your path, Kekoa in a traditional Tang Suit, and exclusive traditional decors await you. Join Kekoa on his 30-day trip to embrace the joyous occasion of Lunar New Year in the Land of the Red Dragon and come back with rewards like never.  

Now, what do all these air miles get you? Let’s see, how about a benefit that brings along the next set of Active Tasks with no hold-up whatsoever? Good? Yea, we thought so. A new Gold Pass benefit, Instant Active Tasks, has been added on popular demand, make sure to check it out.

Cupid’s Delight

Cupid is on a love spree, and word is ­– nobody is spared from the wrath of true friendship and love. Love is in the air, friendship is everywhere and some spectacular V-Day gifts are up for grabs. A brand new Valentine’s Day feature Cupid’s Delight is right around the corner. 

What does it do? Can you interact with your valentine? Is it cheesy? Is it like Tinder, but for friends?

Well, the questions will have to wait for now, but we can give you this: The God of Love, Cupid, works in mysterious ways! So, stay tuned because Cupid doesn’t disappoint. 

Arabian Night

Arabian Night

Source: Star Chef 2

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying in on a magic carpet, in a Middle Eastern princess gown like Jasmine alongside a handsome chap like Aladdin? You haven’t? Well, wait till you see the new Food Zone.

Enjoy the sand dunes and classical tunes… dance the night away in the brand new Food Zone Arabian Night.

Well, that’s a wrap on one of the most vibrant, soulful, and happy updates of the year. Tell us what you think the new V-Day event is going to be, and which new feature sounds like your favorite. See you in the comments below, toodles!

Note: The big nasty gremlin cautioning iOS players and their gameplay has been taken care of now, and the issue is now fully resolved! You’ll be able to update the game without losing any of your game progress. So, sit back and enjoy the brand new update, the wait will be worth it!