New Year, New Update!

January 6
New Elements to Update

Ring out the old, ring in the new!

It’s a brand-new year. Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of the brand-new update, here’s some motivation from the Star Chef 2 Team: New Year is a new chapter in your life, so drive your own narrative. It’s an empty canvas, so paint it with your favorite colors. It’s a fresh start, so leave behind your worries. Ask new questions, find new answers, discover what you love, and follow your heart. Here’s to owning 2022, chefs! 🥂

On that note, let’s dive into the unexpected twists and turns of the first update of the year. 

New Food Zones

Keeping our end of the deal of bringing whimsical recipes to your fingertips, two brand new food zones are ready to make an entrance. What’s the concept, you ask? Starting with the cozy comfort of a hot cup of coffee to zoning out into other-worldly experiences, we have covered it all. 

  • Coffee Hub
Coffee Hub

Source: Star Chef 2

Coffee is like a hug in a mug, wanna grab one? We all orchestrate our moods to the tune of coffee. The designers started off their brainstorming one fine morning, and it was going nowhere until they brewed themselves a fresh cup of coffee. And a refreshing burst of caffeine brings to you the next food zone – Coffee Hub. 

  • Martian

Source: Star Chef 2

The next food zone is an alien concept (quite literally). Grab a cup of coffee in the Coffee House and come chill with aliens from Mars in the new food zone – Martian. Why? Because we love you to the Mars and back! 😉

New Foodland Decors

  • Jelly Lava

If life gives you wobbles, make jelly with the brand-new décor Jelly Lava. Why you ask? Because you and Star Chef 2 go together like PB&J. Okay, okay… that’s enough puns. Now go grab the new décor, and don’t be a jelly! 😜

  • Smoothie Counter

Here’s a food for thought: Healthy outside starts from the inside. So, when you get cravings for junk food, shake it off with a yummy smoothie from the new Smoothie Counter.

  • Hot Dog Swing

What’s the noblest of dogs? It’s the hotdog because it feeds the hand that bites it. 😂 Munch on some yummy hotdogs and attract customers from all over wot the new Hot Dog Swing. 

  • Lighting Flamingo

They all say to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons, but nobody says how. So, stand tall, be fabulous and go bingoing with the new Lighting Flamingo. 

Emojis in Team Chat

  • Let’s start with a fun game, decode the dish using emojis and drop your answers in the comments below:
  1. 🧀 + 🌽 + ⚽️ =?
  2. 🏆+🎂 =?
  3. 🧄+🍞 =?
  4. 🇫🇷+🍟 =?

Isn’t this a fun way of communicating? Meetings turned to calls, calls turned to text, and now texts turned to emojis… enjoy BRAND NEW EMOJIS in TEAM CHATS. Express every emotion in style.

Bid adieu to Holidays

Ending the Holiday season on a grateful note, let’s kiss goodbye to the Holiday merry in the restaurant. But does that mean it’s the end of fun-filled terrain? Certainly not! The best is yet to come.

That’s a wrap on the first update of 2022. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Wishing you the best of everything in this new year. Stay tuned, stay hungry.