Serve yummy meals with Food Cart Event in Star Chef 2!

November 18

Serve munchies, earn rewards and grab exclusive decors all in one place – Food Cart Event!

It's that time of the year when orange is all the rage. Embrace your inner foodie with two open arms - one for the fork and one for the knife this season.
It's time to ramp up your cooking, as the Food Cart is on its way with pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes. Your customers are now ready to drink and dine the alfresco way, turning all heads your restaurant's way. 

Food Cart Event is now on! Time to slice and dice, and make your Fall nice. Join the event to win exciting rewards and turn up the heat in your restaurant. 

Here's how you can participate in the Food Cart Event:

 Food is the perfect dart to your customer's heart - Cook yummylicious delicacies from order chits in the Food Cart.

  • Food is the perfect dart to your customer's heart - Cook from order chits in the Food Cart.
  • Serve joy on a plate and sweep your customers off their feet.
  • Earn Tournament Points in return for every order.
  •  How many goals you can achieve? The possibilities are endless! Grab as many rewards by achieving as many goals as possible before the event ends. 
  • You can purchase Gold Pass in the event to earn 1.5x MORE Tournament Points, get BONUS Rewards and unravel exclusive and aesthetically pleasing DECORS. 
  • Charm your way to the top of the leader board to win nifty rewards and beat your fellow chefs along the way. 
  • Most importantly, indulge in the yummy nummy food and spoil yourself a little before the cold breeze arrives!

You don’t want to see an exclusive decor in your friend’s restaurant only to regret not participating in the event and making that yours! It’s your turn to let loose, embrace the last few days of warmth and go nom-nom in the event. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, we’re happy to help.