Star Chef 2: Unfiltered

June 21

From all the exclusive news, updates, and conversations - it’s all unfiltered

Star Chef 2: Unfiltered is an exclusive Facebook group that we’re rolling out for our patron players who’ve been with us for a considerable amount of time. Our goal is to help you find your haven among a sea of players and take you to a destination where you feel like you belong and can have meaningful conversations that help your journey in the game. The new group will break down any barriers between the patron players and the devs. We intend to bring you all the news, updates, and conversations straight from the devs discussion room to this group – so it’s all things unfiltered.

Star Chef 2: Unfiltered

The purpose behind the new group:

With growing members in our Star Chef 2 Family Facebook group, we noticed a disconnect between new players and seasoned players – if the new players join to discuss which Chef Team they should join, the seasoned players have suggestions on how Tournament Leaderboard pairing logic works. See the difference there? So, it has come to our attention that the newcomers are feeling overwhelmed and like they don’t belong when they join the Facebook group. So, we decided it’s in the best interest of all players that we have two separate groups.

Now patrons will be able to communicate directly with the dev's in the exclusive Star Chef 2: Unfiltered group, as the name, suggests nothing is filtered here.

Please bear with us while we roll out the group and try to scale it and figure out the functionality as it’s an experiment that can potentially benefit the Star Chef 2 community and bring the brand and its players closer than ever.

This is how you join the group:

The new group is exclusive to players at slightly higher levels who know the game a little better, and we’ll be adding members based on batches. Please bear with us while we try to navigate the new group and its functioning. You can join the group by sending a request – you will come across questions asking for your Game IDs and your game level. Please note the new group is gated for level 80 and above players only. The info you provide will be further verified from our end and you will then be a part of the group. 

What’s in it for you, you ask?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. Apart from the exclusive joining bonuses for the members here are other things you will be getting:

  1. Members of this group get priority support for all their queries and feedback. Oh, not to mention, Linda Linguini will be assisting all your queries and aims to resolve them with priority.
  2. We’ll be hosting monthly meet-and-greet online sessions to connect with you all to share the latest news about the game and collect valuable feedback.
  3. A weekly activity run down, compete against your fellow group members to obtain the group badges like Top Conversation Starters, Top Advocate, etc.
  4. Exclusive beta access to a select few features will be provided to the members to get their hands on features before their release to all the players. You can play and test these updates and provide valuable feedback to improve the game. Now, that’s cool!
  5. Last, but definitely not least, a whole lot of exclusive rewards and bonuses!

What will be your contribution to the group?

Well, nothing different from what it was on the Star Chef 2 Family group. You can use the new channel to raise your concerns, and post your suggestions – both of which will be on top of our priority wheel. Further, you will receive monthly rewards just for posting, coming up with the best suggestion, interacting, helping each other out, and basically doing what you already do best – being the best gaming community out there.