What’s cookin’ in v1.4.4?

April 26

Party like a Mexican, savor pizzas like an Italian, get into the Zen like the Moroccans – one heck of a new update coming your way.

Every once in a while, the stars align, and the Star Chef 2 team goes all-in with a new update. v1.4.4 is definitely one such occasion! New food zone? Check! ✅ A new country and theme? Check! ✅A whole new feature? Check! ✅

No place for hand-me-downs in this update, you’re going new season couture baby! 

Cinco De Mayo Themed Food Cart Event

Cinco De Mayo Mexican festival

Shake off the siesta sista, it’s time to get down and fiesta! Party like you’re in the Mexican Havana in the new Cinco De Mayo-themed Food Cart Event. The festivities of Cinco De Mayo festivities come out in the form of vibrant new character costumes, joyous dancing, a pinata, eye-soothing visuals, and lots and lots of Food. The only question left is, are you ready to fiesta like there’s no manana?

This Food Cart Event, the food is extra spicy, the dance is extra saucy and the colors are extra bright – travel to the land of charm, beautiful beach destinations, and rich culture to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. 

New Bonanza Bash Events

Express workshop

Like yourself some rewards? Let’s double it! Don’t like prices and demands? Let’s discount it. Your wish is our command, master! Rolling out brand new Bonanza Bash events in Workshop, Academy, and Food Cart Event. Watch out for all Bonanza Bash events in the Event Calendar, you don’t wanna miss them!

  1. Express Workshop: We can all agree that long cooking time is a big drag in our restaurants? And the solution? Upgrading our Appliances in Workshop. But the problem? Humongous demands of Exotic Items. And the counter solution? – Enjoy a 25% discount on the Exotic items required to upgrade appliances with Express Workshop. 
  2. Academy Deal: Culinary world is a competitive one! Train your Chefs to whip up better cuisines and bag some extra XPs for yourself. Now, enjoy a 25% discount on the Exotic items required to train Chefs in the new Academy Deal event.
  3. Binge Day: Earn double the amount of Food Tokens on serving your customers in the Food Cart Event.

Note: Bonanza Bash events are occasional 24-hour sweethearts, which we gotta work our schedule around to make the best use of.

Goodie Vault

From the overwhelming love we received on Cash Vault, we’re sure you will love the new goodie called Goodie Vault. When the Goodie Vault is on, every order you serve contributes to the Vault as an added bonus which you unlock at various milestones by making a purchase. Your treasure to happiness is behind the closed doors of the vault, and the lock is in this new update!

Chef Team Invite – New and Improved

Invite to New Chefs to your Team! Recruit Now

Want to poach the best players into your Chef Team? Everything is fair in love and war, right? But a bland and lazy attempt to invite new members into your Chef Team just won’t make the cut.

Impressed with your determination to recruit the best possible Chef Team, we have rolled out a new message envelope that’s attached to your Chef Team Invites. Because the pen is mightier than the sword, so fight your battles wisely by penning down your pitch and telling the recruits why your Chef Team is the best fit for them. 

New Food Zone – Moroccan Munch

Moroccan food, spicy and tangy food

When it comes to the crunch, this is where you’d love to have an amazing lunch and hang out with your best bunch… got a hunch? It’s the Moroccan Munch Food Zone in Foodland. Escape into a medieval fantasy with fantastic new recipes and an eye-catching architectural marvel. 

That’s a wrap on the most exciting update of 2022 so far. Let us know in the comments below which new addition is your personal favorite ­– there’s something for everyone.