What’s new and exciting in v1.5?

August 23

From the glamorous divas to adrenalin rush fanatics, there’s something for everyone!

They say when it rains, it pours – that’s exactly what the next update is all about. Whether you like to party your night away dressed in pump heels and a hairdo that puts Rapunzel to shame… or you like to pull up your tracksuits and get on the racetracks to beat your friends in a racy race, there’s something for all. 😛 Here’s an early peak into everything the update has to offer.

Fall Soiree Themed Food Cart Event

Fall soiree themed Food Cart Event

Before we get started, we want you to hold on to your jaws – as we don’t want them hitting the floors when we reveal the next theme for your Food Cart Event. 

A quick backstory – while brainstorming at the designer’s table, we thought why should all the themes follow an existing holiday or event? Yes, there’s a factor of relatability that comes with it, but where’s imagination in that? So, we envisioned what we would consider a night to remember – full of glam, sparkles, golden lights, gourmet food, and party vibes back from our college days – a FALL SOIREE, keeping it classy with a little bit of sassy.  

  1. Yes, your Food Cart is getting the most dapper make-over. The colour palette is purple and golden – made for royalty with a little bit of street style in them.
  2. Your chefs are taking a break from their uniform to go all lady-gaga on you with their daring outfits. So pull out your ball gown and become the talk of the town.
  3. Put on your masquerade and unmask the chicest decors to ever grace your restaurant.
  4. If you’ve got a party on your mind, look no further – Fall Soiree is right around the corner. 

Team Championship

Team Championship New Event

Fuel your adrenaline rush, rev the engine of team spirit, and pump the breaks on boredom to decide your destiny on the racetracks in an all-indulging new feature TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

It’s more than team tournaments, it’s Team Championship – if there’s one thing we know about you Star Chefs, it’s that we often find ourselves pardoning your French when it comes to competition. And Team Champion is the final showdown of your team spirit. You get to race against time and put your team skills to the test in the fiercest food truck race – TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. That’s it for the reveal, we will keep the real deal for when the feature is out.

Oh wait… let us let you in on a secret – the Star Chef 2 team recently indulged in Team Championship in the spirit of testing. Let me tell you, testing was the last thing on our minds and we went head into competing against our colleagues. The development team VS the design team… the marketing team VS the analytics team… Without revealing much, we will wrap it up by saying many bonds were broken and rivalry brewed that we needed intervention from the HR team. 

Jokes apart, we had a blast trying out the new feature and we are sure you will too. Stay tuned, and gear up for what’s going to blow up as the most exciting feature.

Foodland Expansion


Foodland is now bigger, it’s your turn to make it better. Yes, it might have slipped our mind to realise with more Food Zones, comes the need for more Foodland plots. We pulled an oopsie, daisy there, didn’t we?

The new update will allow you to unlock more Foodland plots so you can dream larger than life.

New Chapters

Just when you think you’ve attained a zen phase in life, life finds a way to take you by surprise with new challenges. And for everyone on your high horses thinking you have accomplished all chapters in the game, well time for a reality check – there’s MORE. 

Oops, we got a little cheeky there. The new update comes with a new set of Chapters in your Chef Journal. Enjoy and grab rewards and please don’t report the writer for taking a few liberties in teasing you... you know we love you to the moon and back!

Okay, that’s a wrap, if we were you, we’d spread the word, especially about Team Championship so we can be prepared for the whirlwind of a journey that’s ahead of you.