What’s New in v1.5.25?

January 30

Kekoa off to the most festive parade of all – Mardi Gras, a Retro themed Food Cart Event and some lovey dovey recipes for the romantic month!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful is what we feel when there’s a new update coming your way. Bringing Beale Street to Star Chef 2, we got Kekoa off to the most colorful and festive parade to our streets. Now that the ball is out of the court, let’s hear out all the deets, shall we? 

Kekoa joins the Mardi Gras krewe

Mardi Gras Parade

When Fat Tuesday rolls around this year, we have our cutie Kekoa joining the most happening and festive parade of all – Mardi Gras! Beads, bling, and bourbon street, Kekoa is all set looking snazzy and jazzy – all at the same time! Sounds irresistible right? 

Join Kekoa on his 30-day trip to embrace the joyous occasion of Mardi Gras and come back with rewards like never. 

Festive Mood, Festive Decors

Mardi Gras Decors

We don’t hide the crazy, we parade it down the street – add craziness to your restaurant with exclusive Mardi Gras DECORS. And also, here’s a secret that Kekoa wants you to know – ‘What happens on the float, stays on the float.’ 😉

Retro themed Food-Cart Event 

Retro Themed Food Cart Event

They say retro is the new black, and we’re inclined to agree! I mean, who doesn’t agree to this when we have retro icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn. We bring you retro themed Food Cart Event – from disco balls to soda pops, we got them all! Let’s appreciate the classic beauty of the 50s in this fun yet chic themed event. 

Cupid Delights

Valentine Day Cupid Delights

Cupid is on a love spree, and word is – nobody is spared from the wrath of true friendship and love. Love is in the air, friendship in everywhere and some spectacular V-Day gifts are up for grabs. We have Cupid Delights just for you! 

What does it do? Well, you get to send gifts and whisper sweet nothings to your fellow chefs all in this cute little feature knocking on your door. We owe a sweet Valentine’s Day to each other, so let’s cheer each other through this feature, shall we? 

Valentine Themed Dishes

Valentine themed dishes

Love is in the air…Now it is in the food! Spruce up your recipes with love as we got some brand new dishes specially for the love season! From Cupid’s Hot Chocolate to Love Potion, we got them all! I know, I know, we did have you at ‘Valentine’ and ‘Food’! 😉

Well, that’s a wrap on one of the most vibrant, soulful, and happy updates of the year. Tell us which theme sounds like your favorite. See you in the comments below, toodles!