What’s new in v1.5.5 – a Halloween nightmare dressed like a daydream!

September 27

Restaurant Simulation Mobile Game dives into Halloween Theme on iOS and Android

It’s that time of the year when it’s officially okay for kids to take candy from “strangers” at their doorsteps – now that’s creepier than any witch flying on a frigging broomstick. All the parents who agree, give us a high five in the comments below! 

Yes, when the leaves turn orange, when the days get shorter, when the cats prowl louder, when the witches get stronger, you know it’s the spooky season. And if you’ve stuck around long enough, you know Star Chef 2 takes Halloween very seriously – so hop on your broomsticks, and let’s look at what’s brewing in the cauldron of spookiness. 

Spook-tacular Terrain

Adventure cooking game

Have you ever visited a make-believe spook house back in the day? Ever encountered that one faux corpse that looked a little too real? That one jack-o-lantern whose eyes followed you wherever you go? If your answer is a NO, buckle up, you’re in for a ride where the lines between normal and paranormal blur. And if your answer is a YES, how about a revisit to your childhood nightmares?

Yes, the witching hour is ON! Ghouls n ghosts are lurking in your NEW HALLOWEEN THEMED restaurant – beaming jack-o-lanterns, sprawling spider webs, suspicious cauldrons, and all things nightmares are made of are waiting for you – shhh, if you hold your breath, you can hear the night come alive.

Fang-tastic Costumes and Boo-tiful Decors

Halloween decors

Let loose and go trick-or-treating with your chefs who will take you by surprise with their Halloween looks - Vampires, pirates, witches…you name it, and they have it. Host the best Halloween party in your restaurant and become the talk of the ghost town.

Don’t miss out on the exclusive decors that bring out the sassy side of you. A twisted rendition of a Christmas tree called Special Witch’s Fir and a brewery of magic potion to cast a spell on customers called Pumpkin Ultimo.

Ghostly Adventures

Halloween adventure

Kekoa is putting on his big boy pants to take on the most daring and frightening adventure of all – yes, he’s going trick-or-treating in the cemetery of all places. Do you dare to join him? Come on, let’s give it in for the daredevil and join him – just make sure you are always three feet behind him.

On the upside, we got a Treasure Cave waiting for you at the end – let’s hope it’s not filled with bats waiting to tackle you.

Mystical Escapades 

Japanese street food

Okay, I gave myself some chills there – let’s shake off the spook, shall we? 

Learn to find the beauty in ‘wabi-sabi’ and unlock your ‘ikigai’ with a NEW FOOD ZONE in Foodland – Japanese Countryside. Cherry blossoms loom over you, and cute little cottages nestled in the most beautiful manifestations of nature are sure to leave you planning a trip to Japan. 

Build yourself a Japanese Countryside Food Zone, because you deserve it. 

All Treats, no Tricks

Blur the lines between reality and fantasy with the new Weekly and Step-Up Offers, yes, they are that good – we are making you an offer you cannot refuse. 😉 

In hindsight, the offers are so good, you might as well be robbing us blind. Just kidding, check out the offers and you might find something that works for you. 

That’s a wrap on everything special with the v1.5.5 Update, some spooks, some thrills, some treats and some tricks… all at your service. We hope you enjoy the update as much as we enjoyed making it, stay tuned for more!