Handle the Workshop with Care!

April 12

Advance in your culinary journey by upgrading the Cooking Appliances.

We want to know how to advance in our culinary journey and progress faster in our games on a daily basis, right? Well, Workshop is your answer. This feature unlocks at Level 34 where you can upgrade all your Cooking Appliances to have a breakthrough in your culinary journey and progress faster!

Star Chef 2 - Workshop

How to upgrade your Workshop skills you ask? Here’s your answer:

  1. First things first, unlock the Workshop at Level 34 and upgrade your Appliances to reduce the cooking time of recipes in that particular station that you wanna do. 
  2. All the recipes take a lot of time to cook, this one’s always pointed to us. Here’s the deal breaker – reduce up to 50% of the Cooking duration of the recipes cooking in the stations by upgrading your appliance to the MAX level (Level 30).
  3. Keep collecting Appliance Cards by opening Chef Boxes, which can be obtained by playing Chef Masters. You’re already a pro at this! 
  4. This one’s a open secret. Without forgetting, open the free Chef Boxes available. Where do you find it you ask? Tap on the ‘Get More Cards’ in your Workshop or free Chef Box icon your Chef Masters building. 
  5. Once you obtain the required amount of Appliance Cards and Upgrade Exotic items like Common Blueprint, Rare Blueprint and Exquisite Blueprint, you can straight away upgrade your Cooking Appliance. 
  6. Short of Upgrade Exotic Items? Don’t worry, Appliance Upgrade Assist got your back! Participate in special events and contests that happen In-game and socials to collect these Assist. Upgrade your Appliances without the need of the Exotic Items, how cool is that?!
  7. Keep upgrading your Cooking Appliances to complete the Chapter- 1 ‘Kitchen Improvements’ in your Chef Journal to collect amazing rewards. 
  8. What’s better than the fast cooking during Kitchen Gala Tournament to rank up your team among the leaderboard? Yeah, we got the chills too! 

So now that you know the easy tips and tricks to Ace your Workshop skills like a pro, why not start now? If you got your own lil’ secrets, feel free to drop it in the comments to help in your community. Come on, sharing is caring!