How to use Assists optimally?

July 15

A special resource for everyone!

Assists are special resources that can be collected as rewards from Special Events like Food Cart Event, Kekoa’s Adventure, Shopping Rush, and Pizza on Wheels. Assists can be used immediately once you receive them and tell you what, there’s no limit on the number of Assists one can collect! Yeah, you heard us right! Long story short, Assists will not consume any storage. Where to find them? It will be displayed in a dedicated space of its own.

Star Chef 2 - Assist

Now that we know a few things about Assists, let’s know more about the 6 types of them and their benefits:

  1. Supply Assist: Now you can fill Catering Crates, Dock Crates, and Foodland Dockets without preparing any dishes. Amazing right! No worries about cooking the required dishes if you got Supply Assists. Use this when required and take up full advantage of it. 
  2. Hire Assist: Ever wanted Joe specifically for a single delivery instead of hiring him for a whole day? Say no more, now hire Joe for a single delivery using the Hire Assist. Here’s the real deal – no cash is required to hire him! Yay, isn’t it? Use your Hire Assist and voila, Joe is all set with the required items that you’ve asked for. 
  3. Expansion Assist: Expand your Restaurant, Backyard, or Foodland without the need for expansion tools. Save up your Expansion tools while you use your Assists to expand! 
  4. Storage Upgrade Assist: You know it just by its name! You’re out of storage space, but you got a shortage of Storage Upgrade tools? Use this Assist to upgrade your Storage without the need for tools. 
  5. Appliance Upgrade Assist: Upgrade the Appliances in the Workshop without using any of your Exotic Items required to upgrade the Appliances. 
  6. Chef Upgrade Assist: Train Chefs at the Chef Academy without the need for Exotic Items from the Dock. Instead, use your Chef Upgrade Assist to train your Chefs and save up your Exotic Items. 

Here’s a known secret: You can use Supply Assist to fill your Friends’ Catering Trucks. You need not go with the trouble to cook the dishes, fill up their Help Request, and help them send their Trucks on time! 

Where to find Assists?

A tap of the above-mentioned areas where the Assist can be used and you will find the number of Assists you currently own. 

Champions Cue: Collect Duplicate Cards from Foodland and pen the Foodland Mystery Cards to receive more Assists. This is the only place you can receive the Assists on a day-to-day basis. 

Gear up and participate in all the special events like Kekoa’s Adventure, Food Cart, Shopping Rush, Pizza on Wheels, Team and Solo Tournaments to collect the Assist and progress through the game.