How to use Catering Truck optimally?

March 18

Be a part of the celebrations and Catering Joy

Certain moments in life are carved into the sweetest depths of our minds forever ­– blowing the candle at your kin’s first birthday party, tossing the graduation caps into air for no apparent reason. There’s one thing common in these moments – catering and celebrations.  Now imagine being a part of such celebrations and catering joy on plates in the form of delicious food – that’s what it is all about Catering Truck! 

Star Chef 2 - Cateirng Truck

How to use Catering Truck?

  1. Construct your first Catering Truck at level 45 to kick-start your catering business.
  2. Fill up the crates and send the Catering Truck to bring a glow to your customers' faces. 
  3. Fill up all the crates and make sure to send the Catering Truck before the timer ends so that you can enjoy the Full Order Bonus. 
  4. You got no enough time to fill up your crates? No worries, you can always extend the time by 1 hour using 10 Cash. Easy peasy, huh?
  5. Ever been in a situation where you don’t have enough items to fill up your crate? We got some good news for ya! You can get your friends to help you or you can also use the Supply Assist to fill up the crate. 
  6. Don’t worry about your friends helping you and sharing your Catering Points. Only you get the Catering Points to contribute to the Leaderboard and the Tournament. 
  7. Not sure how to obtain Catering Points? Catering Points are obtained by filling one full row of Catering Boxes.
  8. These points are based on the Cooking hours required to cook the dishes that are needed by the customers. These get added only when the Catering Truck is sent. Make sure to send your Trucks before the time is over or you are going empty-handed. 
  9. Ace of Ladles or Rising Stars? The full order benefits depend on the current ongoing Tournament. Now, that’s the cat out of the bag! So even if its Ace of Ladles, just fill up the crates and send the Trucks to collect XPs from the full order bonus. 
  10. Once you finish your first 10 Catering orders, you will be able to unlock the second Catering Truck. That’s called expanding your business! Construct it and voila, double the Trucks, double the Points. 
  11. Use Fast Cook, Super Fast Cook, or Instant Cook to speed up your cooking to fill the Catering Crates soon so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Now that you know the secrets, bring in all the favorite delicacies of your customers right down to their doorsteps, only to be rewarded with goodies and joy! Let’s zoom-zoom now, shall we?