How to use Dock optimally?

March 18

Master the craft of sailing with three different Boats

Star Chef 2 - Dock

How to Ace Dock?

  1. Start off by repairing the Dock to explore the Islands and collect the rare exotic items.
  2. These exotic items are used in Cooking Lab to prepare Boosters and Magics, the Workshop to upgrade the Appliances and in the Academy to train the Chefs.
  3. Dock unlocks at Level 20 and once you repair it, you can automatically get the Magic Boat, which is used to explore the Magic Island to collect exotic items to prepare Magics in the Cooking Lab.
  4. Construct the other two boats – Booster Boat: which brings Booster ingredients and Upgrade Boat: which brings the Upgrade Items to upgrade the Appliances and train the Chefs.
  5. Fill the crate in the boats with required items and send it off to explore and in return get the Exotic Items.
  6. Can’t wait for the boat to return back? Use Fast Boat Booster to reduce 25% of boat’s trip time or use Super Fast Boat Booster to reduce 50% of the Boat trip for an hour.
  7. Need extra rewards from the Boat? Use Dock Booster to increase all the rewards gained from the Dock by +1 for an hour.
  8. Use the Boosters strategically to gain more benefits from all the 3 Boats at a time.
  9. Activate the Premium to unlock the second Booster slot and use Super Faster Boat and Dock Boosters to boost your Boat journey and get extra rewards every time for an hour.
  10. Dock points are obtained by filling a full row of supply items for the Boat.
  11. Dock points are based on cooking time or harvest time required to cook or harvest the items. These Dock Points get added only when the Boat is sent.

Now, what are you waiting for? ‘Tis the sea-sun to make waves.