The Event of All Events – Bonanza Bash

June 17

This one’s double trouble… Just kidding, win double the number of rewards for the same scale of efforts.

You know it’s good news when it’s all about the bash. Haha, we read your mind! You might have wandered across the globe with Kekoa, our chef traveller in Kekoa’s Adventure, you might have whipped out worldly cuisines in Food Cart Event, or maybe you’ve even lived out your ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ fantasy in Shopping Rush…but nothing gives you that adrenaline rush like Bonanza Bash! 

Bonanza Bash is like the buzz that kicks in after you down a couple of kegs – everything you see doubles right in front of your eyes. Yes, win double the number of rewards for the same scale of efforts or a complete discount on your favourite Exotic Items for 24 hours. It’s a never-ending love towards your favourite Events. There are 6 types of Bonanza Bash to provide you with amazing deals and rewards. 

Star Chef 2 - Bonanza Bash

Traveller’s Trove

We all love to join Kekoa in his adventures to various exciting destinations, from soaking up the sun on the Pacific Islands to ghost-busting in haunted graveyards. What’s the bash we are talking about here you ask? Earn double the Task Points on completing the tasks in Kekoa’s Adventure while Traveller’s Trove is ON. Be quick in completing your tasks as it’s available for only 24 hours. Strategize and complete your tasks before it ends. You know what to do when Kekoa comes to your restaurant doorsteps – help him speed up his milestone using Boosters and collect Task Points as much as possible. 

Binge Day

It’s time to slice and dice, and make your restaurant nice when the Food Cart Event is live in the game! We know you love serving your customer's amazing delicacies and in return get rewarded for it. What if we tell you that you’ll receive double the amount of Food Tokens for the same efforts of serving? Yes, you heard it right! 

Now earn double the amount of Food Tokens whenever you serve a customer in the Food Cart Event during Binge Day. Try serving your customers as quickly as possible for you to earn those sweet Tokens – double Tokens 😉 for 24 hours, and progress through the reward milestone sooner. 

Happy Hours

Remember those days when you’d step into a fully-stocked aisle feeling like the mall is your oyster? That’s exactly the vibe we are going for with Shopping Rush. Wait wait, there’s more to this 😉… Now earn double the number of Tokens on completing runs in Shopping Rush during Happy Hours. Shop as much as you can during those 24 hours and collect the Tokens to earn more of the Gift Cards for amazing rewards! 

Foodland Lollapalooza

We can all agree that we cannot take our eyes off the magical world of Foodland – it’s a feast for both our eyes and tummy. Everyone loves the glitter, fun atmosphere of Foodland and we wanted to bring in some extra treats for ya! Love extra Coins and XPs? Foodland Lollapalooza is your answer. Earn a double amount of Coins and XPs by filling Foodland Dockets during the Bonanza Bash hour. Easy peasy super breezy right! 

Academy Deal

Train your Chefs in the Academy to earn those extra XPs whenever you serve a customer. Get a 25% discount on Exotic Items required to train your Chefs during the Academy Deal. Believe us, this one’s a sweet deal! Get double benefits for the price of one, more Experience Points on serving a customer, and a discount on Exotic Items on training your Chefs. Happy Chefs are equal to happy customers! 

Express Workshop

We want to know how to advance in our culinary journey and progress faster in our game on a daily basis, right? Well, the Workshop is your answer. But it ain’t easy. To make things easier for you, we bring you Express Workshop! Reduce the cooking time of an Appliance by upgrading it in the Workshop and get a 25% discount on Exotic Items required to upgrade the Appliances during Express Workshop. 

That’s all folks! Here’s a hush-hush about these Events. Keep an eye on the Event Calendar to get to know when the Bonanza Bash is going to start. This gives you an early time to strategize and plan for the upcoming Events. Make sure to not miss any of these Events to make the best of it. These events come and go like a rainbow on a sunny day.