Train your Chefs to enhance their skills!

April 12

Cooking is all about people and perfection

No one is born a great cook, one learns by practicing it to making it all perfect and Chef Academy is all about it. One of the acclaimed institute to enhance the cooking skills, Academy is your go to place for training and upgrading your Chefs. Tassel worth the hassle is what we believe in! 

Star Chef 2 - Academy

How to Train and Upgrade your Chefs in the Chef Academy?

  1. Train your Chefs to earn the extra XP bonus for serving orders cooked by the trained Chefs by unlocking the Chef Academy in your terrain. 
  2. Extra XPs? Well, earn up to 50% extra XP bonus when you fully train a Chef to the MAX level (Level 30). 
  3. Playing Chef Masters is the answer to all your problems, believe us! Collect Chef Cards by opening Chef Boxes, which is obtained by playing your favorite feature – Chef Masters! 
  4. Don’t forget to open the free Daily Chef Boxes available. Where to find it, you ask? Tap on the ‘Get More Cards’ in your Chef Academy or Free Chef Box I con in your Chef Masters building. 
  5. Once you have enough amount of Chef Cards and Upgrade Exotic materials like Apron, Graduation Cap and Degree Roll, you can train your Chef and improve their culinary skills. 
  6. Short of Upgrade items? Don’t worry, Chef Training Assist got your back! Participate in special events like Food Cart Event, Kekoa’s Adventure to collect these Assists which train your chef without the need of the Upgrade Exotic Items. 
  7. Here’s a quick reminder, complete the ‘Chef Academy’ chapter in the Chef Journal by training your Chefs to collect amazing rewards. That’s something worth training for, aren’t we right?
  8. What’s better than the extra XP during Ace of Ladles to rank your team among the Leaderboard? Let’s go participate! 

What are you waiting for? Come let’s train and upgrade your Chefs to advance their role in culinary skills and make them a pro!