Tune in with Singer Stage

May 13

Keep your customers happy with food and music

We just love the thrill of listening to live music from the corner of the restaurant where you are fine dining, right? The soft music will definitely soften your hearts. That’s what Singer Stage is for in your restaurants – to keep your customers happy and gain some extra XPs to your pockets.

Star Chef 2 - Singer Stage

How to utilize Singer Stage optimally in your Restaurant?

  1. Unlock the Singer Stage when you reach level 50 and place it in your Restaurant to grab the attention of your customers! Psst…place it in such a way that it beautifully embraces the interiors of your restaurant. 
  2. Why place it in the restaurant in the first place you ask? Firstly, to bring in melodious ambience and give joyous treat to your diners. Secondly, to gain those extra XPs and bring up your Happiness Points to the fullest. That’s a real deal!
  3. Play tracks, score points and make your customers fall head over heels with your restaurant. 
  4. Upgrade your Singer Stage to:
  • To increase XP points and Happiness Points earned per Track
  • To unlock new Tracks 
  • To enhance the look of the Singer Stage in your restaurant
  1. Want XPs to contribute to the Ace of Ladles Tournament and top the Leaderboard? We got your covered! Play tracks in Singer Stage and earn XPs while enjoying some lively music. 
  2. Ughh, there’s a Critic in your restaurant and they’re messing up your Happiness Meter? Say no more! Play tracks in your Singer Stage and fill up your Happiness Meter to make the Critic swoon to the tune and give you that prestigious XP and Coin bonus with a full Critic Score! Now you know your life as a restaurant manager becomes easy if you keep the Singer Stage in your restaurant. 
  3. Getting lucky - a Celebrity visits your restaurant in the middle of a Rising Star Tournament. Making yourself the luckiest – boosting your Happiness Meter by collecting Happiness Points from the Singer Stage and getting the jackpot of Star Bonus! That’s how you become the superhero of your Team during Rising Team Tournament
  4. Ran out Goodie and can’t wait till the Goodies regenerate? Now fill up your Happiness Meter by collecting Happiness Points from Singer Stage to speed up the Goodie regeneration by up to 30% 

Kiss goodbye to the week with lively tunes in your own Singer Stage. If you got your own lil’ secrets, feel free to drop it in the comments to help in your community. Come on, sharing is caring!