Greener Backyard for Green Luck with Easy Tips

April 4

Ace your Backyard game!

There is nothing quite so delightfully mysterious as a secret in your own Backyard. Backyard is where you can grow your own fresh veggies and fruits and make some fresh batch of delicacies to your customers from it. Isn’t that something you would prefer any day? How to ace your harvesting game, you ask? Here are some amaizing tips and tricks for you to squash the season’s yield. 

Star Chef 2 - Backyard

  1. Grow Trees and Bushes in your Backyard to harvest crops and fruits to serve your customers delicacies made using fresh farm produce. 
  2. Plant your saplings and water them to harvest your crops for free. If you want more veggies for your Backyard, Trees and Bushes can always be purchased from the Store using Goodies. 
  3. Yes, you can always purchase extra Trees and Bushes, but there’s a catch. They unlock after you reach a certain level and have a limit on the numbers that can be in the Backyard at a time.
  4. The Trees and Bushes provide 1 fruit per harvest and after harvesting the fruits ‘N’ number of times, they go to a withering state. To revive them, you’ll have to fetch a pail of water from the Well in the Backyard. 
  5. Once the Trees and Bushes wither permanently after ‘N’ number of times, cut them down and replace them with a new Tree or Bush. Plant moms, you have a tiny baby in your Backyard to look after. 
  6. Saws are used to cut down Trees and Axes are used to clear out the Bushes. Where do you find these tools? Here’s the answer – collect Saws and Axes from the Star Chest or purchase it from the Food Truck or your fellow chef friend’s Chef Store. 
  7. Your Trees are dying and you are short of Water? Build a Well in your Backyard and generate pails of water on a timely basis. Believe us, this is a deal breaker for your Backyard. 
  8. Once that you collect certain water pails, the Well goes for a maintenance check. The Well needs to be maintained by using coins for it to start working again. 
  9. Don’t worry, after ‘N’ maintenance check, you can upgrade the well to increase the Pail Storage and Pail generation rate. 
  10. If the Well in your Backyard is still fetching water, you need not worry. You can always ask your friends to help you water your harvest by sending the ‘Watering Help Request’. 
  11. Here’s a lil’ secret for you – add Facebook friends or Referred friends to the game to increase the Daily Help Limit. 
  12. Want to know how ‘Help’ work? Click here. 

Now that you know the secrets, what are you waiting for? Sow, water and harvest in your Backyard to flourish in the game and of course, the fresh veggies and fruits!