How to ace Chef Masters like a pro!

February 21

Your one-way ticket to the fun lil’ cooking fiesta.

Cook for the love for it, and play for the thrill of it! You can now challenge your fellow chef friends and beat them at exciting cook-off. How to play Chef Masters, efficiently, you ask? Check out the tips we have for you:

Star Chef 2 - Cooking Lab

We always wanna spice up our game with a pinch of pixie dust and a touch of magic, don’t we? Cooking Lab is the answer here – a place for all magical breakthroughs.  

Boosters and Magics are crafted in the Cooking Lab with the Exotic Items that you get from the Booster Isle and Magic Land. To know more about Boosters, click here

Hop on the Magic Boat and sail to the Magic Land to collect the Exotic Items required to prepare Magics. Once you get ‘em, go to the Cooking Lab to formulate your desired Magic – be it Points Galore or the Finisher. Let’s check out the benefits of all the Magics, shall we?

Star Chef 2 - Magic Boat

  • Firstly, there are 3 types of Super Magic:
  1. Points Galore: Doubles the points you earn during the match. 
  2. Turbo: Fastens the process of cooking for you to enjoy the process of serving the food to your customers.
  3. Heatproof: This one’s a lifesaver! It prevents your dishes from burning throughout a match. 
  • Always try choosing Super Magic before you entering the challenge so you enjoy the benefits of each in the challenge. 
  • How to identify the toughness of the challenge, you ask? We have covered it all. The color of the Challenge button indicates the toughness of the match. 
  1. If the Challenge button is green, the challenge will be easier in terms of number of fast burning dish in the ‘Dish of the Day’ and patience level of the customers. 
  2. If the Challenge button is Red, it is slightly harder with the number of fast burning dishes in ‘Dish of the Day’ being high and the patience level of the customers will be low. 
  • They say practice makes a man perfect and we completely agree. You can always Challenge a Friend to practice without loosing any Popularity Trophies and Chef Masters Ticket. 
  • To be a pro, you’ll need to know about the 3 Magics to be used during the challenge:
  1. Chill Pill: This is to sweeten the deal with your customers. When used, it completely refills wait times of all the customers. 
  2. Insta Fill: When the rush hour is too much for your juice dispenser and your customers’ temper is taking an ugly turn, slip a Insta Fill to your machine and watch the magic unveil!
  3. Finisher: Instantly serves all the waiting customers at once, ain’t that awesome! 
  • Use Magic when you can get the most out of it. Use Finisher when you have 3 impatient customers at your doorstep, Insta Fill when beverages are in high demand, and Chill Pill when your customers are impatient and you have many difficult orders to handle all at once. 
  • We know you love beating your chef friends, but what if you run out of Chef Master Tickets? Here’s the solution – stock up the tickers by watching Ads whenever available or you can purchase them as well. 
  • Once the League season ends get back to the League by playing Chef Masters Challenge to enjoy those League benefits. Higher the league, higher the benefits. 

What are you waiting for? Join the culinary fight and master the kitchen with all your might!