Premium and its Benefits

June 29

Enjoy Exciting Benefits Throughout your Journey.

Premium is the right deal for acing your managerial skills like a pro in your restaurant! Okay, let’s begin with understanding what the Premium feature is. Premium is a subscription feature that gives you exclusive benefits that will enhance your culinary journey.

Here’s all the deets that you wanna know about Premium:

Unlock Premium at Level 8 and enjoy exciting benefits throughout your journey. The benefits: 

  • You are stressed about not having enough storage space? Worry not, activate your Premium to get 30% more space in Dish, Ingredient, and Exotic Storage. 
  • Earn an additional Daily Spin in the Spin Wheel every day to earn incredible rewards. Irresistible, right?
  • Queue up one extra dish in all of your Cooking Appliances and enjoy hassle-free cooking. 
  • Joe for FREE! Yeah, you heard it right. Hire Joe for free and enjoy unlimited delivery until your Premium subscription is active. Sleepy Joe ain’t sleepy anymore. 😉
  • Be the Master of the Boosters! Activate two Boosters at the same time to earn double benefits at the same effort and gain a strategic advantage. 
  • Enjoy double the rewards of watching TV ads in your restaurant. There’s no trouble in this double. 😛
  • We know how irritating waiting time is! Once the subscription is activated, there’s no wait time when the restaurant order is deleted. 
  • Earn 10% more VIP points on every In-App purchase and advance through the VIP levels to enjoy additional VIP perks.
  • Earn an extra Chef Store lot and mint coin like a pro! 

That’s not the end, here are some more tips for you to use your Premium subscription optimally. 

  • Stay subscribed for 90 days to enjoy Unlimited Shopping in the Supermarket. Yes, you heard it right. Stop waiting for the Goodie generation and enjoy the Unlimited Shopping, shopaholics! 
  • Get an extra Crafting Slot in Cooking Lab to queue up your Boosters and Magics preparations. 
  • Earn double rewards from Daily Bonus. Cool!
  • Stay subscribed for 180 days and receive double the benefits from the Daily Quest Chest Box as well as an extra Chef Box slot in Chef Masters

NOTE: Premium cannot be purchased in the Desktop versions of the game. However, any Premium purchases done in the mobile version and all the benefits of it will be applicable in the Desktop version on syncing the game through Facebook login.